New Feature! Auctions!


Don’t know if I’m gonna win auction, or is it wise to save up? What you reckon? @Kyle93


I reckon save up for a solid
Month and slide into auction bro! I have just under 13K haven’t bidded in anything as of yet! But the 55inch tv is on 18K coins bidded already!!


Yeah I Totally agree like one auction a day probably be more better.


I have a question. Will the auction stick about for a good while like the
Marathon offers did or is it just a temporary thing. Because. If so I will use my coins ASAP lol.


Hi ,i won the nike gift card in the auction and have recieved it today, yet to see if it works but all looks legit :+1::+1:


Wow. FairPlay to you nodz. well done!


Just thought id post it as some ppl are dubious as to weather they ever turn up,i was i know that and tho i havent used it yet it seems all good


You interested in selling it…


Auction just showed up in Canada. I see the TV is at 19,500.01. It’s nice to see the finished auctions.


In Germany its visible too now


Yep, came here to say it’s available in Canada now. And I’m sad I missed the $500 Mac auction, even though I would have lost anyway hahaha


Nah,spend it on kids at xmas


Fair point mate. Understandable.


Took a look at the auctions now. Three thoughts:

(1) All highest bidders show account balances in their profile >20k.Why haven’t they claimed the marathon offers before? Strange…

(2) The current bids are close to 20k. Only one person will win. That means the other users are further increasing their balances I.e. each auction will likely need higher coin numbers >20k to be able to win…

(3) At one auction each 48 hours they are only spending less than 200k € a year (not even 20 thousand trouble maker subscriptions not mentioning their revenue from adds). If that’s really a fair share of their revenue or is there more to come eg 3 prices per auction…

We will see but I’m not fully convinced yet.


Yeah noticed looking on profiles. ‘dan Lewis’ has 18.4K earned but 19.7K bid? How does that work out then. Find it odd how nodz who won the Nike gift card 1000$. Has only just discovered the forum and was ‘dubious’ about it coming… lol. Can’t really judge until I place a bid / win a auction myself I guess but it’s just fishy.
@DaveUK @Phatt.One @Chowdhury_S thoughts on this?


Earned is ex coins from daily adds/rolls therefore their spendable amount is sizeable above earned (would say 20-30%). So why haven’t they claimed while marathon offers where still around…


Yeah. Don’t add up. As I said can’t judge until I’m in auction.


Evening @Kyle93 @Hansi2019 @Phatt.One @Seaside71 @Chowdhury_S - have read each of your posts and the alarm bells are absolutely ringing.

Bit concerned we have someone in Canada saying they can see the TV auction at 19,500 which means one item is going across the whole world. The chances of winning an auction if this is the case is almost impossible. There’s more chance of seeing a holiday films lol.

Something doesn’t feel right and if it doesn’t feel right it usually means it isn’t. Of course those with 20k coins would have claimed a marathon reward by now.

It’s not clear at all how people will less than the required coins seem to win the auctions but as Ashton says it is in test and could be a bug.

I also find it odd the Nike card winner is all of a sudden on here confirming it’s arrived etc etc. It’s hard to know what to believe and what not to believe.


Until we win, we will never know. It’s trial and error I guess.


Agree with every single point you have made. Especially the person who’s only just found the forum lol.