New Feature! Auctions!


A few days ago I got the auction, replacing Marathon.

Looks neat, to be honest.
History of Auctions with the winners’ review will make it even better


Dear Ashton,

as paying users we are understandably a bit suspicious with this new mode. May I therefore ask whether auctions are finally rolled out now or whether this is still a testing mode with more to come until final stage?

Many thanks and best regards


Also I have. Question. Will
The auction stay permenantly also.

$1000 gift card for amazon. I have a question. Can that only be used in the .Com Amazon website. Because when I had the aweatcoin team ring me few years back to give me a customer interview they rewarded me with a 20$ gift card. But I could only use it on the .Com website.


@Nodz has your gift card come? If so. Any chance of a selfie of you holding it. Not being weird. But yeah it’s nice to know there are real people winning lol high value prizes.


That would be nice. To know it’s genuine. Amazing gift card no chance of winning it lol


Just beware. If you win the amazon gift card. Ask if it can be used on UK website too.


It should be otherwise what’s the point


Exactly… I’ve bidded on it!


Can see it going for at least 18K.


20-21k min, the tv already got 19.5 even though much less in cash value…


Yeah I agree now you’ve said that lol. Ah well. Cheap thrills anyway


Anyone of you guys has the new V64.0 app with the fully new design? (See my other post)


Cannot see it in the App Store so I can’t download it.


Ah ok. The new version says it’s 11 hours old meanwhile. Maybe it’s a test rollout since it says I’m chosen as a tester when I opened it for the first time


Maybe that’s the case. Gift card is currently on 15K!


It’s lovely love the new update. Slick! Well done @Ashton @Oleg @Emma


What update lol? I haven’t even got the option to download the newest version…


This one. It says I was one of the chosen users to test it. Not worth it. I’m glad they gave an option to change to the old one!


Not possible as its a egift card so nothing to physically “hold” so to speak but its defo here


Email for confirmation would be as good.