New ideas about how to increase users and make us closer


Hi guys! I commented few days ago on Sweatcoin Instagram page about new features and ideas. I would include other “missions”, since it’s hard to walk nowadays (I could only for around 200-300 meters nearby my house). Luckily I have some square meters downstairs outside so, if it’s a sunny day I can take some steps, etc.

As main idea to increase the community and users I suggested them to create proper t-shirts for all of us (or selected ones) with Sweatcoin logos and mottos (or quotes related to the move around or even about being strong in these days) on the front and our personal referral in the back.

Of course we can discuss about the layout. But surely I guess they would be of the same colors of Sweatocoin (blue and white): So they can be either wholly blue with white font or white with blue font. Maybe including a small national flag too!

We are one thing all together guys!


What do you think about it?:smile: