New interface look


Recently got selected to try out the new look for the sweatcoin app. I was so excited because I’ve never been picked to try out any new features before. How are you guys finding the new look?


Notice the nerw version they just installed removes the converted figure off the front page and just show steps. When you do find the conversion it doesnt include the boost and bonus. They are making it as hard as possibler to track conversion rates’ Old front page showed total steps, total approved and sweatcoins earned for the day. Why have they removed this on the new version ?


Yes, I too got selected, saw it, and thought “I like this”, so I gave it a thumbs up.
However, I then noticed it doesn’t show the conversion rate just like Kevster wrote. So @Ashton @Emma if I could I’d like to change my vote! :sunglasses:

Also, I’ve had no problem with the app since May, I think, and now twice in a week it hasn’t converted steps. The first time it converted nothing in the morning, I reinstalled the app, started the phone a few times, and then it worked again.
Yesterday it worked fine for a bit, and then it stopped working… and my “daily boost” gave me 0,07 SWC!! Which, I have to say, is highly annoying.
I don’t know if this is connected to the new version of the app. I am, of course, using the old version.

I’m glad I’m not in the pay-for level of the subscription.


Just a quick bit of info here :slight_smile: A couple of weeks ago we updated our algorithm, which after a lot of testing has seen lot’s of improvement so conversion should be much better for you :smile:

After testing this we decided that to free up some space and make it less cluttered, we would only show total steps on the front page - but don’t worry!
Go into your wallet tab and click conversion history, from here you can see all of your generated sweatcoins :ok_hand:

New SWC app design

Hi Ashton,

Thanks a lot for the update.

Yes we are aware of the conversion history, which however is only an aggregate of the whole day without details. However what I and other users in this thread asked for, is that we want to see the old matrix where you can see how much steps are converted as well as steps until next conversion / including forced conversion. Otherwise it would look like as if you would try to hide transparency in conversion rate in order to reduce traffic on support concerning this frequent issue.

Therefore kindly asking to include this section again.

Many thanks and best regards


Hi @Ashton, I see what you’re saying. But like Hansi2019 said, I think what we prefer is the current “conversion”. For me personally it’s not so much to see the conversion “rate”. I just want to be able to make sure it IS actually converting. In the past I’ve always had either a very decent conversion rate, or NO conversion AT ALL. So I go out, I walk for 5 minutes, force the conversion, and if it goes to 0.something (0.4, 0.5, 0.3. , whatever!) then I keep walking. If it runs throught the steps and converts 0, then I know I have to delete the App and reinstall it.
If I can’t see the current conversion, I risk walking a whole day and only find out nothing is being converted when I do the Boost.


Thanks for your feedback - I’ll pass along your concerns to the developers.
Just know that the recent update to our algorithm should have solved these problems but we’re monitoring it for any issues that come up :slight_smile:


In this context I would also be thankful if the meanwhile blocked view on auction bidders Profils would be revised as well…


It has a good side to it by concentrating all the main features into one screen, which is okay by me.
Although, as it was mentioned, it would be nice to see the conversion rate and to see it in a similar screen as it was in the old look.


Ummm… now, it might be my phone’s fault rather than Sweatcoin, but still, I need to see the “live” conversion. I can’t run, I can only walk. And it takes me around 2 hours to get to 15 SWC. I’d like every step to count!


What phone you using m8


I’m using an iPhone 5s.


Oh boy they don’t have indoor step counting on your phone
Even if you walk outside the conversion is still gonna be bad


Meh… like I said, when it converts it converts fine. It’s just that sometimes it converts nothing at all, and I need to reinstall it multiple times to get it going.
Yes I don’t have indoor steps which really sucks, but I understand it’s an older phone, everyone is aware that this is the situation and I’ll live with that.


The new look is good but could not see steps converted to sweatcoins on the fly when walking and not able to convert the steps manually


I have noticed that recent conversion has resulted in a loss of about 10% conversion for exactly the same walk I have been doing since we locked down in March 2020. so it now negates anything earned on the boost, which has also reduced for the same section I always use it on.


I am concerned that because I cannot force steps any more I am losing sweatcoins not happy


We are all concerned about this new layout my friend


I like the new look. I especially like that the shown step count now EXACTLY matches my Iphone(8 plus) Health step count and Pacer app step count, which has no 5% discount. There used to be a large variation day to day with Sweatcoin, which was always much less total steps before the 5% discount. I have found in the past that if I only opened sweatcoin for daily boosts and daily bonuses and kept it closed for everything else, that I got more total steps. Now it matches whether the app is open or closed, as it seems to draw the steps directly from the phone instead of individually counting only when the app is open.

The just want to confirm the conversion rate. My current goal is 15,000 converted steps per day and now I’m never really sure when I have taken enough to just cross the converted threshold, except that the app says I’ve reached maximum and asks if I want to upgrade to the next level. For this, would the magic number be 15,000/0.95 =15,790 steps?