New phone same account


Downloading app on new phone with account attached to old phone


Hi Lydia
Your Sweatcoin account wallet is linked to your mobile telephone number. Ergo, if your mobile number remains the same as the one used to register with Sweatcoin on your old mobile.
Simply enter the same mobile number and your wallet and Sweatcoins earned to date should automatically appear in the app on your new mobile handset.
The Important thing to remember is that the application can only be used on one mobile device at any one time.
If you are trying to register your previous account Using a new mobile number, you may require the assistance of a member of the Sweatcoin team to assist.
I hope this helps you out and you are soon stepping out and converting your steps into Sweatcoins again very soon :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Sadly my number has changed too


@Emma @Ashton when you get a chance, please could someone assist :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Could someone advise how to reach out to Sweatcoin service, I have same problem

Need to add an old account on new phone with new number as well.

Please provide guidance


Hello i need help ive been having a problem my steps dont count im on a Lg