New SWC app design


The new design looks fresh.

But I can’t find the section with steps not yet converted with the „convert now“ button anymore.

If this is missing please include this essential part again!


You also can’t see how much you’ve earned today which is also crucial.

Please give this a fix in the next update.


Hi! I was chosen to test the new look too and I’ve noticed those things missing! Pretty annoying since I sometimes have to convert some steps manually.
And I like to see how much I’ve earned without the commissions and then with the commission applied, and it’s not available anyway.

I got the impression the main page is messy with all those items there - Daily boost, daily bonus, membership, offer of the day, invite friends…The balance and steps on top seems weird and I don’t get why they change as we scroll the page down. And the “step meter” around the steps of the day is also missing.

The “step history” is not really necessary since I can go the the wallet section and access the conversion history…

Glad there’s an option to go back to the old look! Not a fan of the new main page.


Love the new design. It’s more fresh and simple.


Hi Sarah. How do you return to the original look please as like you I liked the force steps option? I quite like the lay out but do want the force send / steps convert option. Thanks :smile:


@Hansi2019 - like you I like the new layout but miss the steps to convert / force send option. However now I have seen it’s easy to toggle between the old and new versions it does soften the disappointment.


@DaveUK new layout is god awful. May look ‘fresh’ but we should have a option to keep old or new.


@DaveUK If you look in settings screens , there is an option to choose between the new and old UI.

@Bh_sarah I’m with you when you mention the start page being too cluttered. Particularly that randomly the selection or changing of levels that started in the account area has made it’s way to a scrolling page, just waiting for the “pocket dail” style error to occur. I can’t understand why that page has been moved to scolling went from a user experience point of view it would make more sense that the main screen be static. Yet pages transaction and conversion histories, that would make more sense to scroll through I’ve been changed to page switching views. Seems a bit backwards when it comes to actual usage.

That being said, I do like the revised appearance. Much more aesthetically pleasing, slick and modernised… possibly a little quicker and responsive to react too.

It is day one of the release so there will no doubt still be a little fine tuning as the app is updated. I’m sure the niggles and gripes will get worked out soon enough. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Thanks @Phatt.One. To add to your comments they have done well with the new look. For me the main things are a good conversion rate of steps and genuine opportunity for a nice reward. Who would have thought a walking app would give us so much to chat about :smile:


Well I take this comment back… lol.


It’s either there are a lot of things about it to talk about or there’s very little rlse interesting enough going on elsewhere :man_shrugging:t3:


This forum is non stop chat lol! Haha


I like the forum and chatting to you all. I know admin must think we are a nuisance but it’s with feedback from dedicated users that improvements can be driven.


Yes that’s true. The consistent users which we are! I would love merchandise have mentioned before but no say lol


I’m loving the new design!


Nuisance ain’t the word with your harassment for films haha.


Thanks for all your feedback with this new feature!
The developers are aware of the concerns you’ve posted here - we’ll continue working to improve the app for you!


The old front screen was clear and showed sweatcoins, (inc bonus and boost), stepot converted and total steps,. which is ecactly what we want. if you want more detail i,e without bonus etc u coudkl flick to conversion page. Why on earth have they removed this feature if not to confuse and make it difficult to track and see daily figures at as glance ?


Problem is, your not improving it, you have taken a way anything of value to aim for and now making it harder to tracks and see daily stats.


Hey! We hear you! I had a meeting with the developers and they are aware of all of these concerns :slight_smile:
I’ve just addressed some of them in another thread, here