New SWC app design


I’m loving the new design!


Nuisance ain’t the word with your harassment for films haha.


Thanks for all your feedback with this new feature!
The developers are aware of the concerns you’ve posted here - we’ll continue working to improve the app for you!


The old front screen was clear and showed sweatcoins, (inc bonus and boost), stepot converted and total steps,. which is ecactly what we want. if you want more detail i,e without bonus etc u coudkl flick to conversion page. Why on earth have they removed this feature if not to confuse and make it difficult to track and see daily figures at as glance ?


Problem is, your not improving it, you have taken a way anything of value to aim for and now making it harder to tracks and see daily stats.


Hey! We hear you! I had a meeting with the developers and they are aware of all of these concerns :slight_smile:
I’ve just addressed some of them in another thread, here


I’ve flicked over to it a couple of times.

Love that most things are on the one page (step count, bonus time starter and daily bonus collectors),

But always switch back almost immediately because I can’t see how many steps have been approved and how many coins I’ve earned. I’d rather have to move between pages for the other stuff than lose this information.


ty thats my issue and they said something and it didn’t make no sense


she asking she wants to know like the rest of us


Were is the option to revert back to the old version.


İt’s in the settings on righ top.


Found it. Fantastic.
Keep safe.



New version in my opinion is horrible…


You havent actually addressed them, you just described the convoluted way to get some of the info we used to get on the front screen. You failed to mention we cant get all the info that used to be on the front screen. If its not broke dont fix it, I am all for updates and change but it is supposed to add stuff not take the most useful stuff away. Not that they are actually worth anything anymore as the decent offers have all been removed.


Hi Ashton, it hasnt addressed the fact some of the important data available on the front page of the old version is no longer available anywhere in the new version.


Which information are you missing?
Keep in mind you can still see past conversion through wallet - step conversion history :slight_smile:


We have emphasized that several times now. The step/conversion history is a full black box since it only shows earned SWC for the full day.

If you have an issue now you cannot identify it anymore.

Before that you had an impression for conversion for EVERY 2.000 steps or less, showing e.g if you have issues at running, boost or else. No we can’t see that anymore - but definitely want this TRANSPARENCY!

Many thanks


Total sweat coins for day, total approved steps and total steps. It wasnt cluttered on front screen and is useful so why change its. There is enough people telling you but you never listen and are trying to make it as in-transparent as possible to make it more difficult to check conversion rates.


I echo the comments here. When earning my super stepper badge for 100,000 steps, I had to temporarily switch back to the old version of the app as it was the only way I could see actual converted steps. The new version shows that I completed 102,000 when in actual fact only 100,668 were converted through the algorithm. I cannot find this information anywhere on the new version. Imagine if I’d gone through all that effort and it had not quite been enough. I agree that we need the converted steps shown on the Home Screen like the old version :slight_smile:


@PrincessDebz do
You work for sweatcoin