New SWC app design


Its a shame that the new version stripped out manual conversion and also swestcoins earned from walking graph and figures. Yes you can find if you dig deep enough the amount of sweatcoins you have earned today but you have to dig into app for it.

The few times i maxed out 50 sweatcoins in a day was when the home screen showed the gauge was almost full and so off i went walking and kept manually sending steps through to get closer and closer to maxed out. It was a good feeling when i finally got there and worth the extra effort!

That has now gone and what im left with is only steps that ive walked today (google fit shows me that so kind of uselss) So i suppose its that after the update decision, do i continue paying for sweatcoin and wait and see or cancel it now and come back in 6 months!

Thanks sweatcoin makers, i enjoyed your app but too much has been stripped back, that motivation to walk just that little bit further has kind of gone.

You did help me lose 50 pounds in weight though and wind my girfriend up by always beating her (Let her think she had won then manually send another 1500 steps through at the end of the day) and for that i thank you :grinning:


I totally agree. It’s awful. I don’t like it at all either. The old version was class.


@khmelev - in the spirit of feedback I can absolutely assure you if Sweatcoin are under any illusions that people will use the app just as a step counter to motivate them to walk they are way off the mark. That’s fitbit and standard pedometer territory. I still believe removing the marathon offers will prove a crucial mistake and once people realise how difficult it will be to win an auction with an ever increasing threshold of sweatcoin needed interest will wain. The other offers can be picked up elsewhere without Sweatcoin (but do understand these help with revenue which is fair enough) so they alone will not be enough to maintain interest.

We will wait to see what happens in 2021 and I hope you will take this, and the other feedback people take the time to provide seriously.


Hello there:)

I also miss the manual Converting steps section and unfortunately you cannot see how much of the 50max sweatcoins you reached for that day


Ok, as I thought, day 2 stuck in the new design and I have trouble:

I have no way of seeing what the problem is… is it counting the 2000 steps and not converting anything? Is it stuck without being able to convert? In the old version I would see the steps going from 2000 back to 0 and either the coin count would go up, and all is good in the world, or the coin count doesn’t go up and I have to delete and reinstall. OR the step counter goes way over 2000 and I either have to manually convert OR I just wait for it to wake up and send the steps.
Now I have no idea what the problem is.
I see this and this (pictures hopefully attached),

and I don’t know what to do! @khmelev , any idea?

Like someone else said, it was great to see how close I was to reaching my daily goal, and thinking “I just need x more minutes and I’ve reached my goal!”.

Now I’m just getting annoyed.
I read all the explanation about the majority of users and americans not walking 5000 steps and what the future will bring, but until the app works 100% everytime, then I think taking away bits that work and people like isn’t very nice.
Please give us that bit of the old version back.


Hey guys, thank you for your feedback, we take it pretty seriously and everything has been noted.

Unfortunately, old design is not going back. Conversion rate or algorithm does not depend on design, it is pretty independent piece of the app. Also, you shouldn’t reinstall or force send steps, it is working automatically and stable, and our algorithm is smart enough to send remaining steps closer to the end of the day, it might shift up to 500 steps to the next day though.

Please note, that on iOS new main screen shows combining steps from Apple Watch (if you have it) and your phone. If you want to compare steps with sweatcoins issued, you will need to find exact steps your phone made through Health app (Health -> Steps -> Data Sources & Access -> Find your iPhone under Data Sources section -> You will see your daily steps stats captured by your phone).

Conversion rate

Ok, @khmelev so it’s happened again today:

Yesterday after I uninstalled and reinstalled the app it started counting/sending/converting steps again.
I will try again tomorrow, but is it possible it stops counting/sending/converting (no idea

what the problem is) AFTER I’ve done the boost?
In the past I had a problem of the app not working properly after I had done the 3 daily extra-bonuses, but today (and possibly yesterdy) it stopped giving me coins after I had done the boost.
And the boost was extremely low too, 1.82 and 2.0x compared to the usual 2,50… and I had over 2500 steps, and mom’s phone (which I had borrowed to compare and kept in my other pants pocket) gave me around 2,50.

I have now have an iPhone SE (the older model).


Based on your recent screenshot, your yesterday (20th) which you complained yesterday, was actually pretty similar to days before as I can see. Don’t know how much steps you actually made on the daily basis, you didn’t included it in your screenshot.

Going forward, please report this kind of issues in corresponding thread on the forum: Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!


Many thanks for the update.

I have already familiarized myself with the new design a bit and am able to find most of the info I need meanwhile - even though it became more difficult.

What does not be the case so far is that the algorithm is lowering the conversion threshold towards end of the day, as you mentioned 500 steps or so.

Yesterday evening I was at 49,78 SWC and got not filled to 50 even after nearly 1,500 further steps, so the 2,000 interval seems to apply throughout the day and limit. No big deal but maybe something for finetuning :wink:

Best regards Hans


Apologies, I’ll write it in the appropriate thread next time.

But actually yesterday I only got to 13 something coins with 14 something thousand steps AFTER I deleted and reinstalled the app, after it had stopped “converting”. I actually went walking at about 11 pm and thus didn’t make it to 15 SWC, which I would’ve done otherwise.


We will never know what the issue is if you reinstall the app :man_shrugging:


Wait, only 500 steps will go forward to the next day? What? And at which step count does the app automatically converts my steps? 2,000? 3,000? 4,000?

My conversion rate has been horrible since I was stripped put of the option to force the steps into converting.
Yesterday I lost about 2,000 steps. Today almost 4,000 steps. And yes, they are all valid steps, I didn’t just shake my phone! Not being able to force conversion is horrible for me that walk by necessity, so every step counts. What if I just walk 1,000 steps on a day!? They will not be counted anymore?

Or is this due to the fact now the Apple Watch steps are being shown but they are not counted? I honestly don’t get it! Simply because I can’t see the valid step country anymore! Not seeing steps waiting to be converted is a great loss! Please consider bringing this back, since none of our feedback here was actually addressed during the test phase.


If you tell us your username in the app we can take a look, but for people who walk not so much threshold is significantly lower ensuring that all steps will get converted closer to the end of the day. We don’t have 2000 threshold any more, it depends now on your walking pattern and time of the day.

And also, when I tell that 500 steps shifts to the next day it doesn’t mean that these steps are lost, they will be converted next day and you will get your hard earned coins.


" and our algorithm is smart enough to send remaining steps closer to the end of the day"

if you’re connected to the internet !!

I don’t keep my phone connected to the internet - I’m one of the (what seems to very small) minority who only connect when they actually need to use it. So in the middle of the evening I’d connect, watch the conversion happen, and if it stopped automatically converting with steps left to be processed I’d press the button to make them go through. Then I’d disconnect from the internet, and stay disconnected (normally until I used Boost on my way to work the following day).

I can no longer do this, and can’t even see if I have steps left to go through (which would mean I could connect while getting ready for bed, then disconnect once they’d gone through). I could be losing coins for 1,999 steps a day because this feature has been removed.


“We don’t have 2000 threshold any more, it depends now on your walking pattern and time of the day.”

And this makes it even worse. That reads to me as if those of us who clock up more steps will automatically convert at a higher level. So what is the threshold for someone (like myself) who regularly clocks up 24,000+ a day (I’d assume much higher so that it’s done less frequently). And will the same threshold remain in place when I have a rest day and am lucky to clock up a tenth of that - meaning I may have NOTHING automatically convert !!! Or does the fact my phone isn’t connected to the internet 24/7 also get taken into account, bringing the threshold back down?


Nah. I’m finding it hard believing what you say anymore… you’ve removed the force push button because the app can do it itself? No mate. We was happy with the previous app layout. I don’t understand why your making all these changes. Changes are meant for the best. Not in this case.


Don’t overthink it mate, it’s not how it works, only your assumptions.

All of this feedback told us clear and loud that you stress about things you shouldn’t stress about and we made you stress about it. Please, forward this energy towards walking more, there are a lot of happy customers who cares about their health, activity levels and get prizes in return.


What I meant is: only 500 steps to go forward to the next day to be converted is a low number. Especially when I have a 4,000 difference.

My username is SarahBh19. The thing is, I don’t really have a pattern. Sometimes I will walk 2,000 steps, other days I will walk 14,000 steps. How can I trust the app to convert based on my pattern? Especially when in the old version sometimes I needed to force more than 6,000 steps to convert?

And I feel that the app simply stops converting after I do my daily boost!


Ohh no, I can’t believe I’m reading this.
I work closely with UX/UI and no, you don’t get to decide what users should stress about or not! Especially when this function was available for ages and it was so useful, maybe since the start of the app! We’re not asking for something insane, like a 10x daily boost.

I guess you guys simply forgot the main motivation for users to download this app – newsflash: it is not the number of steps, but the sweatcoins converted and the rewards.

If we cared about the number of steps, we would be happy with a step counter app. Or I would simply just use my Apple Watch to motivate (what I already do).

That for me was the final proof you don’t care about the users, you rolled the new version as a “test” only to test bugs not really to hear feedback, because you simply ignored everything here and didn’t change a thing.

I guess I’m done with this app.


Just checked your data, since new build it has converted 100% of your steps, which is just confirms my point, you stress too much about it.