New SWC app design


How arrogant, All the feedback TOLD YOU thay nobody liked the new version and it added nothing and took away things that people liked and told you they liked.

Manual update
Front screen that told total sweatcoins for the day including boost and bonus.
Transparency of converted steps.

Every update you do makes the app worse and its fast becoming just a step counter whcih it gets from the phone anyway.

Its meant to be a Sweatcoins app and you dont show the daily sweatcoins anywhere so we havent a clue where we are up to and the crappy onversion rates are now hidden. You are making it as in transparrent as you possibly can its almost like you want everybody to leave. The only reason you collect feedback is so you can make cnaghes to piss the maximum amount of people off,because you always seem to do the opposite tio the feedback. There was not one posoitiove feedback on new design and yet you went ahead and then sneaked in an uopdate that stops you revertyign back to original.


Hey, this forum is not the only source of feedback for us! We hear everything and consider everything.


you forgot to end with “and do nothing”


Sounds like the feedback isnt transparrent either, the forum is set up for feedback and we can all see it, and now you say you get other feedback from elsewhere which you use to make updates. Not sure who you think your kidding,


I understand that you’re frustrated, but let me try to explain our decision making here once again. There are a lot of sources of feedback for us, moreover there are a lot more indicators of how millions of users using the app and how happy or unhappy they are, and also another source for us is metrics, whether they are improving or not, and its not even complete list, its just a few. I do not expect from anyone on the forum to understand all of this complexity though.

So, we hear all the feedback, it is very important to us, we consider it, but we make our decision based on all this sources holistically, not on one single source. And also all this feedback influence our future decision making. I hope you can at least hear what I say.


Sorry, not wanting to pour more oil into this heated discussion, but I also checked the German Apple App Store. Starting 01.11.2020 until now I counted 36 reviews: 30 of them had 1 star, 4 had 2 stars. It has to be noted that sweatcoin had an average rating of ~4,7 Stars in spring 2020.

Combining App Store and the forum feedback it kind of looks like an average of customers opinion concerning the latest changes.

But again I am open to see how this all evolves.

Best regards Hans


I don’t like new design. I just want to show my position.


If I went into a pawnbrokers to convert silver jewellery into money and they said I’d get £0.95 (0.95 of a £1 coin) for every 1000 grammes (steps), then I’d be able to see them weigh the silver and count out the coins I received in return in front of me. I’m quite sure you’d expect to be able to see that process taking place in front of you if you walked into the store to do this, and would object if they wanted to ‘nip out back’ to weigh your jewellery. All we’re asking you to do is to reinstate our ability to see you provide the promised return for what we’re giving to you. That doesn’t seem unfair - and isn’t something I stress about unless the system gives me 0 coins for 33,000+ steps as it did one day last week !!!


I’m wondering if the conversions of steps to coins is affected by the phone’s ability to connect to a wifi or data signal. I went for a long walk in the country the other day. My phone had no signal for much of the day. I recorded over 30,000 steps but only 10,000 were converted. I usually randomly lose about 30% of my steps, which I put down to them being recorded on my watch, whilst sweatcoin only seems to recognise those which are recorded directly on my phone. On this occasion however I had my phone with me the whole time so I cannot understand why I lost so many steps, unless it relies on a constant internet connection.


Ok, so I won’t reinstall it now, and I’ll go post my problem on the appropriate thread.

But I’m thinking it might not be SWC that’s the problem, but rather my phone. And I’m aware there’s nothing you guys can do about it. :blush:

HOWEVER, the issue is that I can’t see what type of problem I’m having because of the new layout.


If you have an iPhone - using the widget displays the converted coins for the day; this is the best way I’ve found so far to see what’s happening…


I am fascinated with new look. Just continue with this great updates. This app can expact glorious future.


Said this on another thread ages ago,ppl are on motivated by the chance of a prize,simple,whether it b for themselves or for a charity else every phone has a step counter on it why have else have an app track u ??? I dont like new app design,i feel as if i have missing steps,33k i did other day 26k counted


Is there still an option to revert to the old style view? Ive recently chanfed phones and the app doesnt have tbe option in settings now


There’s no way now. We’re stuck with the new polluted design and lack of great features such as manual conversion.


Without manual conversion I am now not getting my maximum 10 sweatcoins a day. In the past I’d be just above 9 and then I’d start manually converting to get me up to 10 and call it a day. Now I get to 11000 steps and think that should be enough for 10 sweatcoins but end up with 9.8 or 9.7

I miss the manual conversion button.


I may have just realised something in relation to converted steps in the new version of the app.

My steps for today show 30,110 on the main screen.

I was looking at my profile in app where it shows steps per day, week and month. Under today it’s shows 29,147.

I wonder if the 29,147 is the ‘converted’ steps?
Might help all the people missing the old version of the app that like to see conversion.

I could be wrong and happy to be corrected, but just thought it could be the answer…


Long story short: the new design is a good improvement in general but for heavy walkers who have their steps converted properly(including me)thinks it’s not ideal


Hey @PrincessDebz

It reads to be about right or at least as faras I understand it anyway… :man_facepalming:

‘If’ I’m right in thinking, below is a long-winded version of what I think you are saying…

When using the iOS app, the main counter and insights history and goals data is taken from and displays the steps from your Healthkit data (I assume but don’t know for sure, GoogleFit for Android users).
This is my for some users the counter seems to update with a bit of a delay and for uses using the Apple Watch, this delay is somewhat extended. Although, eventually, it’s always catches up in the end. Just to note… the delays are due to the Healthkit side of things and unfortunately (although I could be wrong) I don’t think it’s something that the Sweatcoin team or anyone aside from Apple can actually do anything about.

The graphs and figures shown on your profile reflect the “Sweatcoin Steps” (those steps which have been approved by verification for conversion. At least until the membership daily max has been reached, after which verified steps are still included in the graphs and figures shown brought obviously do not actually get converted into Sweatcoins.

I know it can get a little confusing and If you are using an Sweatcoin on the Apple Watch, the rabbit hole gets deeper. I think I’m finally starting to get my head round bits of it. I would say at a great cost to my sanity but I don’t think many would argue that my sanity most likely expired some time ago.

I hope this explains at least a part of it or at least that it doesn’t lead to greater confusion.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ :sunglasses::+1:t4:


No requirement for internet connection. I don’t have my phone connected to the internet during the day, and it converts OK now I have a decent phone (my Motorola was a totally different kettle of fish, but my Samsung is many, many times more reliable). I also go walking in the Lake District (when we’re allowed to travel) where I don’t get a signal even if I want one. Steps from those walks have always converted in a similar fashion to normal.