New SWC app design


Out of interest, which bit of the new design is an improvement ? I have seen all the post regarding what we lost and all the transparency issues, but not seen one post with anything positive, so hoping you can enlighten me.


Yeni tasarım ama farklı pek fazla birşey yok yeni SWC gunncellenip insanların sorularına karşılık kusursuz bir SWC uyguulamasi yapılıp sunulmaliydi


Bunu denediler ve sonra tüm geri bildirimleri tamamen görmezden geldiler. Her güncelleme onu daha az şeffaf hale getirir ve bazı iyi özellikleri ortadan kaldırır ve genellikle hiçbir şey eklemez


In my initial comments about the new UI, I mentioned a little disappointment in the colour scheme and lack of contrast between the text and the background colours resulting in much of the text being impossible to read.

It has since been discovered that contrast issue was actually due to the display transparency settings on the iphone and not an issue with the UI design at all.

I tend to use environment “dark mode” options wherever possible as it is so much easier on the eyes, especially at night. Unfortunately, in some cases it has caused issues with the transparency settings chosen before “dark mode” became a common option in device and settings.

If anybody is experiencing similar colour contrast problems, it may be worth having a look at your device settings and adjusting the transparency setting.