NEW SWEATCOIN UPDATE: features and my thoughts



Today is a big day the sweatcoin update has finally arrived (iOS)


Indoor step counting is here!
Daily bonus system has been reworked!
Friend/follower update!
New colours!


The biggest feature in this update is the new algorithm that will let users finally earn sweatcoins easier when inside. From iPhone 7 onwards the new algorithm will be available unfortunately on iPhone 6 and below the new algorithm won’t be in the update due to hardware issues.

From what I’ve heard from many beta users and the people that have used it today it’s been very good and fast.

Along with the new algorithm there conversion page has also changed

In the photo you can see the steps I’ve done for the day and what has been converted you can also force send steps just like before


The daily bonuses have been completely reworked and is even better

In the photo you can see my rewards it’s like a lottery system you watch an ad and you can earn a random amount of sweatcoins up to 25 per ad!

To access the ads you have to walk a 1000 steps to unlock the second and the third ad :smiley:

I have noticed the ads are now actually working as before I often got the message “no ads available” but today all 3 worked first time


Also new is a more in depth friend list page where you can see your followers and people you follow much more easier it’s very neat however I did with there was more depth into it for instance an update page to see friends actually earning sweatcoin or a small leaderboard but nevertheless it’s still a good neat feature.

There are other things in this update such as new colours I believe every day the colours change in the app which is cool I kinda got bored of the same blue every day.

Also in this update is the ability to see your sweatcoins and steps from days prior

Overall it’s a very nice update with some great features included I’d give it an 8/10 personally all the features work very well the app feels nicer to navigate through however personally I hoped for more depth into the friends/follower list.

Thank you sweatcoin team for the update :smiley:


Hoping for android soon :slight_smile:


I am an android user hoping for a new update soon too! Although, my indoor steps are now being counted so I will take that as a blessing. Glad to see iOS getting some improvements!


Cash out to N26 has been removed with no warning. Sweatcoin clearly trousered large bonuses for all the users who signed up to use the facility, then removed it with no warning. Some notice would have been nice. But then it’s not about users, it’s about maximising profits isn’t it? :rage:


I love the update.
The indoor steps are so useful and make a massive difference with the app especially for those at school or work and move around a lot indoors.
The new colours just breath so much life into the app which is refreshing and the prize draws and a nice addition, I’ve just won the 17th Christmas one :grin:


Great to see you enjoying the new update I’ve ears nothing but good things from users how have the indoor step algorithm


I did notice that the cashout feature was gone however it was a feature that didn’t look like it was being utilised as the rates weren’t very attractive maybe in the future it will return maybe it won’t we will just have to wait and see


I don’t have the Advent Calendar in the new update :persevere:


This last update stopped sweatcoin from counting.
Uninstalling the app and reinstalling again results in this:

The app is not starting at all.


This is my conversion today after the update. Something is very wrong.


I just updated from Android 9 to Android 10 on my Galaxy s10plus and the same thing. I am now completely locked out of my sweatcoin app.



I like the updates especially the daily rewards you can earn up to 25 sweat coins!!!


I noticed that my step count increased slightly, nothing like yours, but many people are experiencing a decrease.
if you are on android and are not in the beta test group, I think sweatcoin needs to get a closer look


I’ve noticed an increase in my indoor steps which is appreciated, but a huge decrease in my outdoor steps. I run outdoors at least twice per week and essentially nine of those steps are being converted to sweatcoins. Does the update mean we have to give up outdoor step conversion for indoor?


We honestly got gyped with the new daily bonus! 25swc is impossible and it never goes higher than 2 ugh.


Is this update also available for Android users or still for IOS?


I do not believe it available for Android. But I do believe it will be soon😄


I got 5swc yesterday @Jax


The past two days I’ve averaged around two coins a day when doing all three bonuses. If this average holds true, that is the about the same amount of coins per week (14) that we would have earned on the last bonus structure by claiming the progressive bonuses all 7 days of the week (15…when it was still working daily).

I’m sure there are a few 25’s out there on this bonus structure. I’m sure they’ll be rare, but these things have official rules that list the possible prizes, and by claiming to award 25 coins as a possible outcome in the rules (which i assume can be found somewhere, and I’m sure I can find it if anyone really cares) they’d be opening themselves up to potential lawsuits or whatever if they didn’t include at least a few. And, the rules may even list the probability of getting each value of coin through the bonus.

Anyway, I’m just happy the bonus exists, is working again, and isn’t just 1 coin per day anymore.


Unfortunately my indoor steps aren’t being converted. I have an iPhone5S, so that must be why. Still, it’s a shame as I was very excited when I first read about the update, and now I feel very unhappy to not be able to use it! I hope my outdoor steps still get counted and converted, so when the weather gets better I can at least get the conversion for walking outside!