NEW SWEATCOIN UPDATE: features and my thoughts


Got the 25SC twice, so now I am a believer.


I’m using iPhone SE. Will the new improved algorithm work in my phone or not. At the moment it looks like it doesn’t.


You should get new colors, Advent Calendar, new Social feature and new Daily Bonus, but indoor step conversion works only for iPhone 7 and newer.


To some this may come as no surprise but I personally prefer to earn Sweatcoins through activity so although this comment is going to make me public enemy number one, for me it could revert to the original single video bonus with only 1swc, Just to be clear, this is not a suggestion to revert just my personal take on it for my experiences.

I went through a phase where random users would show support by donating swc at random. Even then, where I noticed the coins come in I would return them with a note expressing gratitude but it’s the effort put into the earn that has given me the greatest reward and got me back on two feet… so why dodge the motivation.

However, I i’m not quite so daft as to turn away the in-app bonuses. So, I do feel I should defend the 25swc being present in the random daily bonus set because for a start, I was lucky enough to catch it on one occasion to date.


This update is great! This should fix the problem I have been having with over counting and under approving steps. This also addresses the Google watch issue being that Google fit syncs with Android watches.