NEW SWEATCOIN UPDATE: features and my thoughts


Got the 25SC twice, so now I am a believer.


I’m using iPhone SE. Will the new improved algorithm work in my phone or not. At the moment it looks like it doesn’t.


You should get new colors, Advent Calendar, new Social feature and new Daily Bonus, but indoor step conversion works only for iPhone 7 and newer.


To some this may come as no surprise but I personally prefer to earn Sweatcoins through activity so although this comment is going to make me public enemy number one, for me it could revert to the original single video bonus with only 1swc, Just to be clear, this is not a suggestion to revert just my personal take on it for my experiences.

I went through a phase where random users would show support by donating swc at random. Even then, where I noticed the coins come in I would return them with a note expressing gratitude but it’s the effort put into the earn that has given me the greatest reward and got me back on two feet… so why dodge the motivation.

However, I i’m not quite so daft as to turn away the in-app bonuses. So, I do feel I should defend the 25swc being present in the random daily bonus set because for a start, I was lucky enough to catch it on one occasion to date.


This update is great! This should fix the problem I have been having with over counting and under approving steps. This also addresses the Google watch issue being that Google fit syncs with Android watches.


I have found that since the update using an iPhone 8, my conversion rate has dropped from about 95% to about 55%, so not only is it not converting indoor steps its lost loads of outdoor steps, My daily commute to and from work is a walk so I do the same route every day and 21,000 steps used to get me the 20 sweatcoins, now it gets me 11


Me too. I just thought there was room for improvements and more updates. I love the app.


I have to admit, my routes do change both in distance and direction, through different areas both built-up and Open land. The introduction of the algorithm for indoor steps to be included is based more on the actual physical movements rather than GPS strength and movement from location. From what I can see of it it seems to be based on AI technology using collected samples to decide what constitutes a step and what doesn’t. I too found that there was a substantial drop in conversion but I think that Over time the conversion rates will start to build back up again. Just as I have, you will probably notice that there have been both good and bad conversions day to day. I know it seems a little annoying but I think if we stick with it, improvement will soon be seen.
If it helps anybody at all, I’ve noticed a few things that have improved my conversion rates. Please note that I do not work for Sweatcoin and my comments are purely my own opinion based on my own findings and experience and I’m not to be taken as anything other than my own opinions.

Consistent movement
Retaining consistent movement i.e. not stopping and starting all the time seems to Lead to improvements

Phone placement
I found that keeping the phone close to the body rather than allowing it to jump up and down freely seems to improve conversion.

Leave it be
Many users are tempted to keep checking their steps. However, the more you remove your phone from your buckets or where ever you have it stored, the more often the movement changes. Once it’s out of your pocket the regular movement of your walking is interrupted and can Often lead to periods of time where your phone is not even detecting steps and that’s before we get to the stage of conversion. If you’re going for a long walk try and leave your phone in the pocket for longer see if it makes any difference.

Reduce texting and walking
We’re all guilty of it, I used to do the same myself. If you’re going on a long walk or something, many of us will want to occupy the time chatting to people talking on forums et cetera. Again, the more you have the phone in your hand the last chance it has to Detect and correct steps and more variations in movement can occur. This can reduce steps over the course of the route, with a regular or not.

Although these are all suggestions only and based upon my own experiences and findings. It does seem to be that these are a handful of the factors that can influence both the steps counted by your phone to start with and the conversion rates returned.

I know I seem to say it a lot but please remember that this is my own opinion, I don’t work for Sweatcoin, I don’t know the exact snd true answers. I only know what I have found out myself and what seems to have worked for me. Although, If I’m wrong, it would be quite worrying because it would mean I was doing a lot more than my daily average step count accounts for. With my current average being around 45k-50k Steps Verified per day what kind of step count would I really be doing if the conversion rates were as low as some seem to suggest.


Does this new system randomly allocate a value to each slot after you watch the ad? Or does it depend on tapping a second time? I find it extremely frustrating that most of the time my results are 0.5 + 0.5 + 1 which seems totally pointless and unfair since:

a) it ads to 6 swc each three days instead of 7 which was the default with the old system
b) we have to watch 9 ads instead of 3!! This is clearly in the interest of sweatcoin (since they’d presumably receive triple revenue from advertisers) not us users

Occasionally i get one of the bigger rewards. The other day I hit 25 and i actually got 25 as a result but this is a rare occurrence which mare me doubt. But i have since definitely hit higher numbers to find that i got given 0.5 repeatedly.

Does it make sense to try tap a second time or is the result just randomly allocated by the algorythm


I have noticed that if you allow the video to run and allow the phone screen times out it the system doesn’t appear to register the video as watched and you end up having to play it again. To be fair I worked it out so don’t know how many times you might end up starting it.

I know all three clips are the same in most cases so it gets to be a bit of a boring experience very quickly. However, if you watch the clips until the clip ends and the countdown completes, you will likely end up only having each bonus clip only once. Although I don’t think it will change the outcome of the allocated bonus reward. At least you get the extra coins without having to put the physical effort in to earning them. So even if you only got 0.5swc in the bonus, it’s the same as another 500 steps (near enough).

This has been how i have observed it and how it has worked for me but I couldn’t say definitively if this is a solution for all. Literally only based upon my own personal experiences. :sunglasses::+1:t4: