New to Sweatcoin!


So I’m new to Sweatcoin and i really think this app has a cool idea. You can walk to earn a little money on the side. I do have some questions and ideas though. First, I noticed that you can’t use this app indoors and it only generates steps outside and validated them via location. Could there be a way to use the app indoor? Let’s say you went up and down the stairs throughout the day or use a treadmill if you have one or went to the gym. You could earn a lot of Sweatcoins indoors but you wouldn’t be able to with the algorithm. I think there should be an indoor usage for the app to earn your steps too! Another thing about the app is I noticed that there aren’t many options in the rewards system. I was kind of hoping there would be something like Amazon gifts cards or Best Buy gift cards. I mainly use Amazon. Maybe you guys could include restaurants too! Overall, I like the idea of the app and I enjoy the daily rewards to earn Sweatcoins.


Hey! Right now we can’t verify indoor steps, but we’re working on it!
Also, we are always looking for new, great offers to put on the marketplace. Check out this post by a member of our vendor team:

You can post your suggestions there :slight_smile: