New Trouble maker status


Upon updating the app, I finally notice that TM has a daily limit of 50 SWC

Now that get me excited as to how much is the amount each have to pay monthly to be a Trouble Maker ? Or will it be on a shorter term as it is not very likely one can do 50 SWC continuously for a month … more likely for a shorter period like when in a ultra race or oversea tour. Even with that, wonder how much backup battery will be needed to keep this SWC app alive and going …


Where did you see that TM had a 50 a day limit? Mine only says ‘Coming soon…”


Guess you have to exceed the Breaker status limit of 20 SWC to see it (as attached)


I noticed an interesting one yesterday about this. For some strange reason I managed to get right up to 29.99 coins over breaker and all of a sudden the system would not verify any further steps. The server wouldn’t even take a moment to look at steps, it’s automatically ignored everything past this point. Completely ignoring another 5000 steps for some reason. Yet after midnight, verification was back to normal.


My wife manage to go above 50 SWC yesterday



Base on the existing group of active breakers friends listing that I have currently. under 1% of them will benefit from this new 50 SWC daily. It is indeed very noble to set such a high standard but wonder how many existing breaker can clear 20 SWC daily with ease for every single day of the week ?
2.5 times of 20 SWC daily … Good luck to everyone !


Very true… 50k steps is a pretty mean goal to strike each day. Essentially its near enough equivalent to a full Marathon every day. Although, have to admit that I have become determined and have somehow managed to get it in my head that I am going to be in that 1% and have been trying to push my daily average up in preparation. So far I’m actually doing a lot better than I thought I would and a lot quicker too. This past week I show an average of around 55k a day and 41k a day on the month. Although, In honesty Saturday I got a little carried away coming in with around 86k steps. How long I can maintain the insanity, I really couldn’t say but gotta try these things :rofl: