New year offers this year? Could be COVID-19 Specials


Last year there was the apple watch series 5 and some 500 dollar gift cards. Will there be some this year?


I didn’t see either of these offers. Have you seen the advent calendar @DaveUK @Seaside71


I don’t see advent calendar :frowning:


@Vakhot update the app


@Kyle93 I have version 44.0, there is no other update for me on play store. What’s your version?


I’m on IOS that’s maybe a reason why lol.


Sweatcoin is a great thing to have in ur life. Teaches you how to lap up unpredictability and uncertainty with ease. In this app, You dont know what works, when and on which platform.
But since the marathon rewards matter, nothing else matters … At all
Will wait for someone to release patches for android users too.


Lol mate that’s genius