New Year’s Resolution


Ok, so I just saw the New Year’s Goal thing, and I have a few questions:

  1. it asks me to connect to my Health App, but in another post someone from SWC (either @khmelev or @Ashton ) told me that since my phone is on the old logarithm then the Health App isn’t necessary. Does that mean the New Year’s Goal is only for those phones that convert indoor steps too? (I have an iPhone SE old version).

  2. Can one change the New Year’s Goal as you go? I’ve walked A LOT this year, since I’ve been home from work for over 5 months between lockdown and an injury to my shoulder, and I have walked every single day I’ve had off work (whilst in the past I spent most of my holidays volunteering abroad, not using SWC). So that’s a LOT of extra walking, and since I saw the trend I got the 15 SWCs a day “level”.
    Middle of January I should go back to work, and unless there’s another lockdown I’ll go back to walking, outside, less than 5 SWCs a day. I’m still going to walk a lot at work, but Sweatcoin won’t see it.
    So can I set one goal, and see what happens during the year?

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all!


It is correct, Health Kit is not required for GPS algorithm to work, moreover even if you give an access to HK it won’t anyhow affect GPS algo, because we do not rely on it with this algo.

Basically, as we do not store your precise steps data on our servers we rely on Health Kit in order to provide you with any steps insights. Goal setting feature rely on Health Kit as well in order to understand what goal would most probably fit you and to give you baseline for goal setting, also it is used to provide Smart Goal functionality as well. So, goal setting is for everyone. EDIT: everything will be fine for everyone.

In regard your last question, it will be possible to adjust your goal later, not sure if it will be possible to adjust mid year though, need to check.


Don’t know if I thanked you for the answer, so thank you. And follow up question.
My mom and a friend (both on phones that don’t count indoor steps) had allowed Health Kit, and these are the screenshots of their phones:

I hadn’t allowed HealthKit, and I had no “Insight” button, so I couldn’t see how I was doing with my New Year’s Resolution.

Now I HAVE allowed HealthKit, and the “Insight” button appeared.

If allowing HealthKit doesn’t stop SWC from working properly then I might as well allow it, but if HK annoys SWC, then can you confirm that the New Year Resolution is still working, even if I don’t have insights? I know you said it is, but things change and other technical stuff/updates might have happened since!
Thank you!