No converting steps


why my staps don’t converting??


I’m having the exactly same issue. Have tried contacting sweatcoin through the help section, but they spout some bs saying you need to download an app and your gps chip might be faulty. Tried to contact them 3 times as my phone is brand new, and I’ve had this issue since they updated it in the beginning of jan. Useless trying to actually get help from anyone though. Rated 1* in the AppStore and I’m contemplating uninstalling the app, as right now it’s a useless app if it doesn’t work properly.


ok thank u for help…can u tell me the name of this gps app


It’s called GPS Status you can find it in App Store


Same issue for me too and also thinking of uninstalling. I got the GPS Status App and it hasn’t helped … and I don’t see why I suddenly would need another app when SweatCoin was working just fine up until just over a week ago.
No point in having it if it doesn’t work and no-one from SweatCoin is prepared to address the issue!