NO Daily Reward


You removed my post because I didn’t say pretty please.

Well, after a dozen hard reboots of my phone I STILL can not get the daily reward.
So what’s the trick, Reboot 5 million times?

Your app is clearly faulty so excuse me for being angry that you are incapable of making the daily reward work. I’m ready to delete the app and say goodbye to Sweatcoin because of a crummy app,Ridiculous horrible offers and just a general feeling no one really has a clue at Sweatcoin.


Strange… sucks that this is happening to you. For almost everybody else, the app isn’t faulty, so it’s weird. Your anger is understandable, and if you want to delete the app, by all means. Hopefully your feedback gets through and this issue can be patched in future updates, so that people don’t have to experience what you’re going through.


I have to go through the wallet to get my daily reward the daily reward button from the step screen always shows that I’ve claimed the reward regardless of if i have or not. Maybe yours is the same problem?


I can’t get the cheesy video to load to earn the reward.