No more Marathon Award?


Is it that the $1000 Marathon Award being cancelled? Couldn’t find it anymore recently.


Yes, I think it is being removed in most countries


Been removed for a month now.


That’s quite disappointed


Yeah we all moaned about it for weeks. @DaveUK


2 or 3 days since removed for Georgia.


@Kyle93 think I may have mentioned it in passing lol. In all seriousness I still feel cheated as they started by offering it in the first place.


Oh god. Here we go again… :joy::joy::joy::eyes::eyes:


You egged me on lol. I had almost forgotten the 1000 PayPal big ones :smile::smile:


Yes feeling being cheated and heard that someone couldn’t participate in the auction even with enough sweatcoins to bid, just can’t help but wondering if they really donate money for real…


This was a bug which has since been fixed!
Keep in mind Auctions are a new feature we are testing and improving!


It’s not really gone, on the technical side