No reward from invites


I still have gotten no money from my 6 invites, nobody will even help me!


It’s 6$. Chill have made 6 threads about your 6$. It’s not 600$ it’s not 60$ it’s 6$… Your have to wait until it lands in your PayPal
Account mate. Sweatcoin staff on here can’t help you. They’ll only tell you to contact sweatcoin itself. Be patience.


It’s not the amount I care about I just need this app to be a scam or not so I can get over it


As several people have said. You will get it within a week or several weeks. You have proof from @XAppleJuiceX as he said he got his and spent it on a pizza. Sweatcoin gains absolutely nothing from scamming you 6$. There is probably 1/10th of staff to the amount of users and emails they probably send to customer service. Be patience. I’ve got several items from sweatcoin that I’ve sold on eBay etc.


ok then, thanks, ill try to be more patient.


I’ve no reason to lie, to you my friend :).


Ik it just annoying it’s been forever and everyone else got it in like 3 days


I understand your frustration


Have you got your 6$?