No steps are showing, gaining nothing


I’ve been using sweatcoin for a good while and for the last few days, none of my “total steps” are showing, and no sweatcoin is being converted. If someone could help me out with this, I would be greatly appreciated! :grin:


SAME! And I can’t find anywhere about how to properly fix it. I’ve been using Sweatcoin for over a year now and lately its been wonky and the past few days not counting any of my steps too. I restarted my phone and also uninstalled and reinstalled like it said to try and still nothing is working to show any steps I’ve done :unamused:


Hey man, there’s a couple reasons why this is happening most likely.
I’d take a look in this and I’d try to apply as many as possible from this list:
If it’s still happening then maybe contact support or try re-installing the app.