Not calculating properly


I use an iPhone 6 and it’s the latest iOS but my steps do not convert to sweat coins at all


Delete the app and re download it again. When it asks you to enable health kit say yes and allow indoor step conversion. Maybe your on the old algorithm and that’s why your not getting great conversion. Try what I said and let me know.


Kyle got it right :stuck_out_tongue: Please try those steps and let us know if problems persist :slight_smile:


Thanks to @khmelev and his brilliant explanations.:laughing:


Sad to say that, and even though steps are correct, iPhone 6 only support old algorithm due to a technical limitations. @Tolu please, go to System settings -> Sweatcoin -> Location Services -> Set to Never and then back to “Always allow”, this will ensure that our app not in “provisional” mode introduced by Apple on iOS 13.

Moreover, old algorithm can only track outdoor steps, which means that you need to move outdoors. Moving within few meters back and forth, or around circle, won’t usually convert well, but typical outdoor walks/runs should work just fine. If not, let me know.