Not converting my steps!


For the last three days, SweatCoin has failed to convert my steps! I have read other threads on this forum of users experiencing this problem months ago and fixing by downloading a gps app. I won’t be downloading an additional app when this had been working just fine up until 3 days ago. I have an iPhone 6S. Anyone else having issues? And is there anyway I can still be credited with these steps?


Yep, having the exact same problem, on the same phone 6s. I’ve been clocking up 9k-12k a day on steps covering 4-5 miles, but ever since the recent app updates it hasn’t been converting my steps to SWC at all. The GPS app that the Sweatcoin FAQ points to suggests something is wrong with my GPS, but I’ve had an Apple support person run diagnostic testing on my phone and it’s fine. Honestly at a loss now.


Does someone from SweatCoin monitor this forum and offer assistance?!? Was working fine for me up until about 4 days ago!


Same for me on an IPhone XS, was working fine every day until the update that does indoor steps and now I am not being credited for any steps even though I am doing 10,000 a day. Uninstalled and reinstalled but made no difference. This is so frustrating and no one from Sweatcoin is listening. I have emailed but got response. Please help us!!!