Not getting all my steps


Ive done all the steps in the help section and all done but still not recording all of them…Out of 25k lucky if i get 8 coins :frowning:

Keep getting your device is killing me,ive downloaded the app to check gps and its fine,its a new phone its a samsung S10


I had the same problem. I reverted back to version 16.1 and the problem was solved.


Ok cheers because ive done 22k steps today and got 3 coins lol,somethings defo wrong with the algorithm


Look for an update of the app. Today I was able to do the big update they promised. So everything should work fine now.


Had a look no update for android yet,still only 17.3


Been very frustrating. Downgraded from Breaker down to free (Mover) today. Don’t have time to try any more fixes. Samsung health on my Android says I walked 10,744 steps. Sweatcoin says 1,468.

Glad to get re-involved when it gets fixed.