NOT properly getting steps counted


Sick of getting ripped off by Sweatcoin. Today is typical of days since we supposedly had indoor steps counted as well, I walked approx 1600 outdoor sets and 1400 indoor today and less than 600 were counted.


It appears as if some recent update has caused ALMOST ALL my steps not to register. I agree with you why have a “new” algorithm to count indoor steps but then none of them are capable of counting. The other issue I have encountered is not being able to watch a video for sweatcoins.


In regard to the videos I have to restart the phone sometimes twice to than the videos play


I posted on here the other day about sweat coins not counting all my steps or any at all some days, no reply yet


Same here in Pae Fl. not converting steps 6,000 stepsnl 5 cents


I am having the same issue. Since yesterday none of my steps have been converting. My step count appears 7,200. Converted 0. Sweat coins 0. This is an issue. Especially because i had to download Google fit & Health Sync app to get my steps linked up to the Sweat Coin app.


Trued to load picture of step coynt yesterday $ 6000 sweatcion steps but not one step converted


Since the update, the app it’s counting more steps than before, that’s nice, but it’s worthless if then the app it’s not converting the steps (even if with the update the app do it automatically)… And even if you do it manually, sometimes it doesn’t count anything…

In the picture below (and I also have videos, but not possible to upload them) I just got 0,03 swearcoins for 14,834 steps :face_with_raised_eyebrow: just a joke

That’s all


I notice no one from Sweatcoin is addressing this. I have zero respect for this company


I do over 20000 steps a day and dont even get half of them . rip off !


The idea of the App is good,the execution is pretty bad so far. I should be getting 15+ coins a day with the amount I walk,but the app only converts my steps almost correctly 2-3 times per week. When I/you/anybody complains to SW,Nobody gets an apology,or credits for coins not given.BUCK UP GUYS…You won’t be able to make it work if your customer service department is the WORST in the world


100% agree they have NO customer service.

Somethings wrong their attitude is “we don’t care”
Get cheated out of SC “we don’t care”
But be careful if you criticize the almighty Sweetcoin they’ll delete the post and warn you not to do it again,
They still have done nothing towards having decent prices for less than 20,000 coins, It’s all garbage,


My issue continues. Day 4. My steps calculate, no conversion. I’ve sent two emails. No response. If our steps dont get converted there’s no reason to keep the app


Having the same problem, and have been since the app “improved” to count indoor steps. I’m a runner, and run ever day. 35-45 miles per week, nearly all of it outdoors. Just did an analysis comparing my steps as recorded by my Apple Activity app and the Sweatcoin app. The Activity app has recorded an average of 15,296 steps per day while the SC app has recorded an average of only 8,474 per day, or about 55% And of course SC converts to even fewer coins.

If any one in customer service wants to contact me I would be happy to share my data. Right now I am extremely dissatisfied with the upgrade. And I have deleted and reloaded the app three times in the past thirty days hoping the promised “fix” would be there, and of course it is not.


Hey Sweatcoiners!

Sorry you’ve run into step conversion issues here – please check out this post to help fix your conversion issues: Step conversion issues since the latest release? Please read!

Let us know what works for you! :raised_hands:


Not approved a single indoor step for me so far today.

Originally I received about a third of my indoor steps on my iPhone 6s Plus and because of this upgraded from Mover to Shaker.

Now it looks like I’ll have to reverse this.

Has Sweatcoin nerfed the number of indoor steps?


@KEV If you are using an iPhone 6s, you will still be using the outdoor algorithm. The algorithm for indoor conversion can only be used with iPhone 7 and newer iPhone.


Thanks Phatt , yes I read that too when indoor steps were launched.

But until a day or three ago I stopped getting indoor steps or if I did so it was only a very small number.

Went out for a short walk this evening and outdoor counting worked but only receiving now about 1% of indoor steps compared with 20-30% previously, hence reason I think it’s being nerfed.

A real shame because I know I sit down way too much in my flat but the prospects of indoor steps made me more active.


I have to say I do like the word “nerfed”, not one I’ve heard before but it is immediately understandable🤣

I don’t like to think this way but it may be that you were just lucky to have your indoor steps converted previously. Occasionally, my apple watch will pick up a few steps and that also operates using the original outdoor algorithm.

I’ve just got home from the early treks and can definitely confirm that there’s no evidence of nerfing. All outdoor steps, I lost just over 1k steps out of 24.5k steps, which isn’t too bad at any stretch.

I know it doesn’t help with Sweatcoin conversion right now but believe me when I say that I understand only too well the problems associated with sedentary work. I am an AV Technical Designer and System Architect which is very much a desk orientated job, glued to a computer.

Just to give you a little insight as to my personal mobility methodology. I make sure that I’m up and moving For at least 2 minutes every half hour on timer if I’ve been sat working.

As an alternative to the sitting workspace, I have put together a makeshift standing desk. To avoid the problems with standing still for too long, I use a cheap balance board. [18mm plyboard on top of a section of 4” wastepipe]. As a further option, my treadmill has a diy desk adaption (cardboard box structure), so there are always options to keep fluid mobility even in the office or home office.


Hey Phatt I really appreciate your considered and considerate reply! :+1::blush:

Nerf is commonly used in the gaming community when some game feature has been tweaked by the developers to the disadvantage of the players.

Funny you should mention Apple coz a conspiracy theory flirted through my brain that Sweatcoin might have done some deal with Apple to get Sweatcoiners to upgrade their phones! :thinking::blush:

But most unlikely!

So, yes, when my phone began recording a worthwhile proportion of indoor steps I thought Sweatcoin had been too pessimistic regarding the iPhone 6s Plus not counting them.

They didn’t count them before they introduced indoor counting and they only count a very small fraction since their recent tweaks (for example, not been up long and from 280 indoor steps I’ve been given 0.07 Sweatcoin.

Hence my suspicions that Sweatcoin have re-balanced their algorithm to the detriment of older iPhones.

Interesting about your standing work station! I quit office work a few months ago but my new ‘work’ is watching/cramming television box sets and I need your timer routine also!

Phatt is your timer on your Apple Watch? Is the 2 minutes every 30 minutes the routine that Apple advise? And do you know if the latest watch model successfully records indoor steps?

Thank you once again Phatt! :blush:

Kev :blush: