NOT properly getting steps counted


LOL got to admit I’m not much of a gamer. The only game I ever had any interest in was Unreal Tournament And that was the game of the year edition 2004 I think :rofl:. To me Nerf is a Company that makes strange shaped footballs and various toy projectiles out of foam.

I’m pretty sure there is no conspiracy in action here. The reason for the newer mobiles being required is because of the motion processor chips used and the data the chips offer. Sweatcoin offer incentive to motivate regular exercise. If they put users to disadvantage, it would demotivate users. As far as I’ve seen, they are genuinely invested in improving health of users rather than just making money. to be honest it is a major difference that sets Sweatcoin apart from other app devs with similar style apps.

The verification algorithms are used to try and ensure users generate Sweatcoins with genuine human exercise and prevent cheating. Basically, putting a true value to human movement.

In terms of timers, the reason I stick to this is because sitting down for too long without any movement can lead to increased stiffness, poor circulation and lead to reduced mobility over time. When I sit down at my desk I just say “Hey Siri, set a timer for half an hour” One of the Apple devices on my desk will set a timer going and then once the timer alarm goes I just stand up for a bit, go and make a coffee, grab a biscuit, whatever really just to get a bit of movement going. I don’t particularly keep a strict to 2 minutes, I just generally don’t like to waste too much time when I have a lot of work on and even 2 mins to stand and stretch can make all the difference.

I spent many years struggling with mobility, now I’ve got it back I’m not really in for giving it up again.

To be honest, that is one of the primary reasons I like to try and help other users. I’ve been at the low mobility point, struggling to even cross the road to the shop and relying on a walking stick to try and stay upright. If I can help, motivate or inspire other users to embrace mobility and take that daily exercise, perhaps it can help prevent them from ending up struggling as I had to and improve general health and wellbeing. :sunglasses::+1:t4:

At present, the Apple Watch app only runs on gen2 or later AW devices and uses the older outdoor algorithm in the same way that your 6s does. Word is that there are plans to rework the Apple Watch app but I couldn’t speculate as to if this is to include indoor conversions or not.


Hi again Phatt

Once again I really appreciate your detailed reply and your thoughts on my issue.

I fully agree with your comments regarding Sweatcoin having good intentions with respect to motivation people such as myself to walk more they have been a massive help in getting me off the couch and walking more!

But they’re a business I think, to some extent? And I don’t agree with them including video advertising for gambling companies, particularly so when they seem targeted at young women who might not realise how easy it is to become addicted to gambling and spend more than is good for them.

That is my personal view and others may have different opinions.

Again today, so far, I am receiving around 1% Sweatcoin for indoor steps walked. If the 1% tweak has been set on older phones it could be Sweatcoin playing safe on being too generous after originally estimating the total number of indoor steps generated on newer iPhones only?

Just a theory that could be wrong and I don’t know the percentage of iPhone 7s and newer compared with older phones such as mine.

In other words maybe Sweatcoin slipped up, not realising that coins could be generated on older phones and therefore imposed the 1% limit?

Doing so would also guard against abuse if older iPhones are more cheatable in some way?

I’ve no idea about all this but just throwing my thoughts out there based upon my experience and imagination. :blush:

Interesting about your health problem and how you turned it around, well done Phatt. :+1:

Similar experience here!

In my twenties I was a heavy smoker and like my beer!

Started to get leg pains walking and bought a bike to try to get fitter. My first cycle was only about 400 yards and it took me 90 minutes to recover!!

Anyway, I was so shocked I gave up smoking (on third attempt) and started building my fitness eventually able to cycle 50 miles or more no problem.

Then I started jogging, again slowly and built up my running fitness enough to join a running club.

Many happy years, training, racing and enjoying all distances up to and including marathons.

Sadly I had to give up running and cycling because of arthritic knees but I am able to walk still, touch wood.

So Phatt I fully support and admire you wanting to help others to get out there and enjoy and hang on to good health! :+1:

Thank you for the Siri timer tip, I never thought of that and it will help me in other ways?

Also thank you for the watch information, I’ve been waiting to get one until they introduce some killer health app as they will do one day I reckon.

Sorry for my long reply Phatt but please don’t think you need to reply to all my comments, you’ve been extremely helpful and I am grateful. :+1::blush:


Lol i’m the last person you need to apologise to about lengthy replies. :rofl:

Forums are for airing and sharing ideas and opinions. Nobody can say for certain, with the exception of Sweatcoin staff of course.

I use Siri a lot more than I originally thought I would. The only drawback is that I use a fair few Apple devices… mobile, tablets, watches, MacBook and Mac Mini… Consequently, if anybody says anything that sounds remotely like consequently, if anybody says anything that sounds remotely like “Hey Siri” in my home… Multiple multiple items beep at once​:rofl: it’s even worse when anyone calls… everything rings at once :crazy_face:

I made the mistake of buying the AW3 A couple of months before the AW4 with ECG functionality got released. Not gettin any younger and with high blood pressure, figured It may be a wise to keep a closer eye on the old ticker. The real turning point will be when accurate blood pressure monitoring can be included. Although I can’t even figure out how that will even be made possible but I’m sure some clever smegger will figure out a way… They always do.


Hi Phatt :blush::mask:

I’m waiting for the watch to include cholesterol and blood sugar monitoring.

Maybe eye health, hearing tests, breath testing for alcohol and who knows what else?!

Already have blood pressure and ECG gadgets that Bluetooths to my iPhone and a blood oxygen monitor (basically I’m a hypochondriac).

Before long we will have our own personal Apple Star Trek inspired Holographic Doctor that will give us a daily checkup before switching to our hologram Personal Trainer to keep us in shape. :blush:

Lots to look forward to if we can keep going a bit longer! :crossed_fingers:

Started using Siri timer, cheers for that Phatt! :blush::+1:


This one’s for you fella. Remember how we were discussing active workstations, avoiding sedentary working conditions and keepin a little movement… Well this is the current treadmill workstation setup in my office at home.
I know it’s a bit of a budget job but it does work to keep me moving whilst working. Or in the case of this particular photograph… working, watching Netflix and walking :rofl:.
Obviously, when working the treadmill is set to a fairly low speed as the focus should always be on the work, everything else is secondary. The during working hours, te object of the setup is to enable me to focus on the actual work but still keep a little movement going to stave off the typical sedentary issues of a standard desk. With the treadmill set at low speed it’s almost like you don’t realise that you’re actually walking at all. Unless I stop to try and take a drink in which case the drink keeps getting further and further away… I can’t work out why :crazy_face:
The keyboard shelf height is just about elbow height and tilted slightly down away from the user position to allow typing With the hands in a natural position. The top edge of the main laptop screen is just about at my eye level and an arms length from te walking position so all the displays can be seen without straining my neck. The treadmill display and controls are easily accessible and the controls are repeated on the arms of the treadmill just incase and the treadmill magnetic safety cut-out tether can still be attached to the clothing and with nothing to obstruct or catch on the line in the event of an emergency cutout being necessary. My mobile is on a stand and Easily within range to be controlled using voice command using siri, or google assistant. Looking at the picture now, I can see my biggest problem will be cable management. Although none of the cables are actually obstructing movement of any kind, it is a bit of a mess. At some point, I will probably rebuild the support structure at the back using PVC pipe or something to allow better ventilation for the treadmill electrics. At the moment I’ve just cut holes, and have a pipe hanging out at the side To allow hot air to escape. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Wow Phatt I’m so impressed! :+1:. Heath Robinson would be proud of that! :wink:

Very appropriate time to send me that because I’ve been slumping on my settee this morning switching between television and my iPhone. :upside_down_face:

Does your treadmill count steps and earn Sweatcoin?

If so you could start mass producing them to sell for thousands of SW! :smiley:

Oh well, now you’ve made me feel guilty I better get going and start doing stuff! :blush:

Enjoy your day Phatt! :+1::mask:


@KEV Lol No need for guilt, we all have different lives and different things to do. Nobody said not to kick back n relax… all work and no play makes jack a dull boy… or somethin like that, it’s been a long while since I left primary school … a very long while :rofl:

Yeah steps get counted on the treadmill, conversion is about the same as outdoor. For some reason I think my movement must change when stepping up from jogging to running because if I step up the pace, the conversion rate drops on the treadmill.

You can actually purchase walking mats or specific under-desk treadmills (obviously for standing desks). To be fair, it is just pure luck that everything on this treadmill lines up perfectly in terms of personal ergonomics. :rofl:


That treadmill is actually amazing and really cool :joy: it kind of reminds me of a machine from one of the Dr. Suess books :joy: you should definetly get it patented lol


Me too, I did over 6000 steps yet not a single step was counted.


Nothing has worked when will this be fixed? I’ve had a ton of days not counted.


Hey! Sorry to hear nothing’s worked for you – can you please DM me your Sweatcoin username?


These fixes all don’t work. Very frustrating. Was working ok until about 5 mos ago please try to come up with a better solution. Apple Watch sweatcoin doesn’t count steps at all…


Man i have 5 year old phone and still max out trouble maker everyday. If you still have those issues on a decent android phone, consider getting an iphone