Offer not clearly detailed, doesn't work as advertised


Self explanatory. I was trying to get the Bark Box offer, which says 60% off. I go to the site, and only get 50%. Then saw that it goes to Bark Box, and the offer info says 60% off Super Chewer, and above it starts 50% off Bark Box.

Could this be explained a mite clearer?

Also, went to Super Chewer. States that the offer code does not work on this subscription. See Screenshot. Seems I can only put one of of them on, so here’s one, the reply will have the other


I’m having this problem as well. I contacted Barkbox but they need the promo code I was given. Since I have none I contacted Sweatcoins. Waiting on their reply.
I saw another thread asking a similar question to this maybe we should all contact them so they can know it’s a big deal for some of us


Im having the same issue about details but another offer, i was wondering if either of yall got your delima solved?