Offer Suggestion help!


Hey Guys,

We’re working hard to find you guys new brands and could use your help with some suggestions and ideas of what you’d like to see on the app!

Right now I’m looking for some really cool digital entertainment brands (Like Netflix)- and I’ve created a list of brands which I’m already approaching below

Here is the list: have a look and let me know if I’m missing anything really cool!

New to Sweatcoin!

I’m a new member of the Sweatcoin app and I saw the 2 month Audible subscription + $5. I want this and my question is, do I need a credit card to get the 2 month subscription and $5 because I just want to try Audible and not pay once my 2 months are over. Any help appreciated


You need a card to get the 2 months free subscription, however, if you cancel before the 2 months you will not be charged.

The $5 is a reward for people who stay subscribed after the free trial. You will need to wait at least two weeks before they send this to you.



Just had a quick glance at the list.

Not sure if that was for American or English users, or some for both. The newspaper sites are all for American papers though.

Nothing on there that would interest me personally (though I will admit there are a lot of things on there that mean absolutely nothing to me) as I already have access to Netflix and Amazon Prime. I used to grab the Now TV Entertainment passes which were great value (and very useful as I don’t watch any live TV, preferring to spend the £150-ish that a licence would cost me on other things), but I’m now on a special deal until September and then have 5 months worth of free passes to use anyway. An offer on their Cinema pass would be of interest though - despite me having accumulated a rather large pile of second hand DVDs that are waiting to be watched.

For now I’m just saving up my Sweatcoins to claim one of the big rewards at some point in the future, whilst hoping there will be one of those that interests me when I get there…


I really hope that there will be more “buy with sweatcoin” options in Europe. For the past couple of months only options were like 30% coupons or 20000 sweatcoin rewards.
For the brands,I would like to see more achievable gift(Visa) cards,Foreo again,some sport & clothing brands like Superdry which is very popular in Europe or Lokai bracelets because you had many offers for bracletes.
I would appreciate the most if you added gift cards for less Sweatcoins( less than 5000).
I am sure a lot of people would be happy if you added some of these! :blush: