Offer suggestions


This weeks offers not doing it for you? Have a product in mind that you think would be great for our marketplace? Well, we want to hear it! Now, this doesn’t mean that we’ll be able to get every suggestion featured, because a lot goes into securing an offer.

Our brilliant 6 strong marketplace team reach out to prospective brands and present all the benefits of being featured on our marketplace. Unfortunately, with some brands, it’s just not meant to be. But this doesn’t stop our charming, passionate team from trying their darndest to get you the best offers out there! :muscle:

So please, post your suggestions here, and you never know - one day, yours might be up there on the marketplace … :grin:


It would bw great to have „Holzkern“ watches on the marketplace!


Nice stuff - wouldn’t mind the sommernacht!


Can you guys give out more E-Giftcards. Just like how y’all used to give out the cards from Adrene, you can give out others. They can be from other online places like forever 21, fashion nova, etc.


Or games or sonthing thre g2a


Hi there rob. I’d like to see more gift cards being added to the marketplace

Also I’d love to see sports equipment and clothing added such as :soccer::basketball::football: and other sports

Lastly I’d like to see more TV subscription offers I love the Now tv ones you guys put out they are awesome


I have to admit I am surprised that I have not seen more marketplace offers for footwear or discounts on the kinds of items that are more applicable to running/walking. I’m not going to even try and pretend to be a typical example, but recently I took look back at my sportswear expenditure for the last year, I have spent on average between £40 and £60 each month just on decent compression socks. Granted my footwear now lasts a little but longer but I still have to replace trainers at least once every two months now and at around £130 a time it soon mounts up. Spending Sweatcoins on the tools to help earn more Sweatcoins just seems to make sense.


Bring back the beef jerky! In general I like cheaper items that cover the full cost. When it is some percent off, or some kind of subscription where you have to pay after a certain amount of time, I find this disheartening.


Eh you know what? That truth about it is a thousand steps to $1


A thousand steps to one dollar cash


franklinrudolfdemesa You don’t need to post this over and over again


There need to be much more in the way of gift cards etc for 2,000-10,000 Sweatbucks


Hey can you make one of the offers gifts cards like xbox 10$ gift cards or ps4 gift cards for 10$

App in the wrong language

Can you make a 10$ fortnite v-bucks?


Partner with Spotify like they did with Tidal?? Would be great.


Hey I would love to see a BTC payout section on the offer wall.

Places like might make it easier to get btc and crypto payment cards on the offer wall.


Will you ever do e-gift cards in the future?


I have to admit I thought of that similar thing but using Deezer. To be fair there are many of these audio streaming platforms now so I would imagine that to partner with the latest platform would make more sense as the two could go together and the relationship would be of greater mutual benefit.


Hey seatcoin yall need to put offers as 10$ giftcard or ps4 gift card or xbox gift cards because these offers yall have right now there pretty bad


Please may you bring our stunt scooter handle bars or scooter decks because it’s what a lot of people want and all of my friends said they would use this app if this suggestion went through🙏