Offer suggestions


I remember a long time ago there was talk of charging a phone with you one body’s nervous system. I guess that never became practical. As to the number of cranks to archive a workable charge I’m okay with work. Walking is my form of medatation and the long repetitive motion of cranking a charger I would find soothing. I have a cheap hand crank now but I aware it actually sucks power out of my phone


@Ashton, @Emma and @Oleg, I would like to see Miley Cyrus merch in the offers store. Even a small % off will be good enough because her merch is just too cool. I already got one shirt and one hoodie.

It’s available at her official online store, so please reach out to them and check if you can make a partnership. Thanks! :heart:


I just created a thread on this exact topic. but briefly, I think you guys should establish an inventory of things we can purchase with SWC all available to shop through on a catalog of sorts. If I could buy a new snare drum or an Adidas tracksuit I would be much more excited about this app. Even stuff like phone chargers, computer hardware/software, books, and knives. You get the idea I hope. Thoughts?


How about Xbox ultimate game pass codes ? :man_shrugging:t6:


I have two suggestions,
One being is I would love to have your Fitbit compatible with Sweatcoin, because I don’t always have my phone on me and it would be nice to earn some extra steps.
Also I would like to see in the future more Charity’s, because at the moment there is only two Charity’s you can donate to.
Thank You!


Getting sweatcoins based on heart rate activities as well (recorded from wearables)

I used to get various stages of points with my medical aid if I had my heart rate above 60% of the average for my age for 30 minutes and then more for an hour (also more if it was above 70 or 80%)

Also used to receive points for attending certain fitness events such as park runs or going to a gym.

$1000 Marathon Offers

I would like more cash offers.


The cash offers should be meaningful and at a competitive rate. Your marathon offer was 20,000 SC = $1,000 (5cents/SC). It would be great if you had a comparable offer of 2,000 SC = $100.

To me that would be a short term goal and very meaningful and rewarding.


I had a iPhone 7 upgraded to a iPhone XR but on my
iPhone 7 I had the amazon gift cards. Go onto my XR i have zero amazon gift cards. I think I was in the influencers marketplace which was really cool but I lost it when I switched phones. Would love to have it back I have 7/30 invites which is slow… any chance of getting market place back @Ashton @Emma @Oleg


If you logged into your same account, you will still have access. You could even merge the accounts by using your new number & old email


I’ve reverted back to using my iPhone 7 and still nothing is there anything you can do.


Hey @Kyle93 … Your account properties are linked to your wallet/mobile number. If you changed it then you can log back into it using email address on your old account (this is why we call it “back up”). Based on what you are saying it looks like you have created a new account AND used new email address on it. If this is the case do the following:

  • transfer your balance from your new account to your old one
  • delete new account
  • once deletion confirmed then delete our app and install anew
  • login using your new mobile number and old email - this will allow you to merge the old account into the new number.
  • voila

If this does not work then it is likely that the product you saw was a temporary product - something like “your first week specials” or that your ones account is blocked (happens if suspicious behaviour is detected - fake invites or fake activity data submitted)

Please let us know how you are getting on,


Definitely haven’t got fake invites or anything like that. All legit 100% real peoples. Will try what you said but I’m sure I logged it from my old number with current email


Thanks a lot. If you used the same number then the items should not be gone. The only explanation could be that you had a “first week specials” marketplace, which, as title suggests, is active only for the first week :frowning:


No chance of recovering them offers.


I would like to see more giftcards for stores or some regular visa giftcards!!


Personally I would love to see some Amazon Gift Cards.


Amazon gift cards would be nice. Come on @Oleg @Ashton @Emma the people have spoken lol. Gift cards PayPal cash like 5000SWC Should he £250 in retrospective breaking it down 5000 coins is still one years worth of walking If you max out breaker ‘20SWC’ per day. 365days - 7300 swc so it seems fair to bring some marathon offers down 5K 10K 15K 20K 25K. Each milestone of 5K you reach you should get better prizes…? Thoughts on this anyone?


I concur. I have been asking for these types of offers for a while now.


I’d love to see some more local offers in the Netherlands. I’m currently limited to like 12 offers of which half are useless free trials. Many of your useful offers are insane 20K offers which is very demotivating. I think you could massively grow your userbase if you offered smaller rewards like a €25,- Google Play Credit coupon or coupons for our local stores like and Coolblue.