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Anything to do with scooters​:pray::pray::pray:


Partner with Uber for uber cash cards or maybe lyft for memberships in their subscription program


@Phatt.One That’s what I was thinking, more products directly related to outdoor fitness activities. I need to replace my current running shoes, but I try to wait for sales or whenever the new models come out so I can get the other shoes cheaper. I spent $140 on my current shoes, but now I’m trying to avoid paying full price, especially with how often trail running shoes should be replaced. Sock too, good running socks can be relatively expensive.


There was once an offer on the UK Marketplace for discount on The Vivobarefoot range. At the time I think I was still having to wear Pool shoes (flip flop type things without the toe string) so didn’t really interest me too much but having researched and spoken with a few people about barefoot running/trekking and I’m interested in taking it to the test. I think even discount codes for Asics Online or something would become a popular one. Sorry for identifying with Asics but I tend to stick with the Gel Kayano 25 for roads and pavement and the GelVenture 6 for trail. For me they seems to last longer than any others I have tried. I think I might actually start a thread on here for discussions about footwear and practical apparel. There is so much variation out there and I know a lot of it can be mystifying for many. It took me ages to work out The differences and the pros/cons of each.


A gear discussion thread is a good idea. A lot of it is personal preference, but it would be helpful to have people with more experience informing other people. I was going to get a pair of the Vivo barefoot shoes, but I missed the sale, and they’ve been out of my size (retailers in the states don’t carry Vivo). I got a pair of Merrell Glove 4’s on sale for $49. They seem to be even more minimalist than Vivo, but the lugs are small, so the grip isn’t as good. I like the barefoot shoes for shorter runs and something with a little more padding for longer runs. I’m giving my feet a chance to adjust to the barefoot shoes, because the first day I had them I went out and ran 8.21 miles in the woods, and my legs and calfs were definitely feeling it the next few days when they wouldn’t have in my normal shoes.


I’ve been thinking about trying literal barefoot walking/running too, but I think for that to really work you’d have to build up quite a layer of calluses, and I don’t want to have callus clubs for feet :joy: