Offer suggestions


Maybe more daily bonuses to 6 perhaps? Or lowering the amount of steps needed for 1 -2 SWC like 1,00 steps?


Very much agree with this idea.


how about an offer that double your amount of sweatcoins earned but you have to pay sweatcoins for it?


How about a mystery box. You spend 50SWC to receive prizes the more you gamble the better the prize. For example

50 swc will be prizes like headphones. Phone cases etc.

100-250 swc will be prizes of PayPal £5-25cards


Love this idea. Or if you walk a certain amount of steps you win something.


You already win/earn/gain coins anyway think the daily bonus should give you at least one 25/10 bonus a week because i seem to always get 0.5 not moaning because it’s free but i would like more chances to get the 10/25 — but I
Am more pushing towards PayPal cash / amazon gift cards.


A ton of great ideas. Where are the moderators?


Working hard to bring you new exciting offers :smiley:

We may be a bit quiet here, but rest assured that our marketplace team is working hard to keep bringing exciting offers. They do check this thread out - so keep posting great ideas! :swc:


Hey, not sure if this is the correct place, but the title says suggestions, I think a community leader board to see who has how many points… ok this is so I can see how good my chances are at getting a trip to Disneyland in about 3 years (my estimate)


I would like to see iTune cards (USD) in the marketplace. That would be something I will most likely be interested in and a lot more people as well.


Honesty I would LOVE and APPRECIATE it if Function of Beauty teamed up with sweatcoins. I have been saving up for the last one but then it got replaced.


I think it would be great to get outdoor sports equipment as offers like skis, longboards, snowshoes, running shoes, etc. It would really get a lot of people outside and active.


Definitely something which they should consider.


I would love to see more variety in what you can buy each week. like more than just a few “free” things and the super expensive stuff. little things that 10 sweatcoins can buy or 100… you get the idea. definitely like the gift card idea as many have suggested, but the key is VARIETY, you offer so few things and i am not interested in anything you have offered so far. The big prizes are soooo far off for me that it might as well be Everest at this point. people need little things to help keep them motivated and at this current time i think yall are falling short


Function of beauty is back I believe @Dana911997


I lost the motivation to keep using this app already. The marathon prizes gonna take years because of how high the points are and none of the offers I really want. So I really got none to spend my SW on for the mean time. I would think that offering gift cards would be easier because of how high in demand they are but I haven’t seen any gift card offers since I joined so yeah.


Can I ask what you would like to see more of (other than gift cards)? :slight_smile:


PayPal /bank transfer £ for A lower amount of sweatcoins.
5K £250
10K £500
15K £750
20K £1000?

decent headphones / phone case / phone accessories.

Vouchers for restaurants like steakhouses,curry houses etc.


I think that’s a good shout, for every big milestone you should receive a cash reward.

Spot on! @Kyle93


Cheers. :). Hopefully they’ll see it.