Offer suggestions


•PayPal transfers Like @Kyle93 mentioned but I use USD where I live (especially this suggestion because redeeming at certain milestones is encouraging)
•Discount codes at popular stores for clothes and accessories
•Accessories for phones or interesting tech gadgets
•Discounts at popular restaurants
•Discounts on different outdoor activities

Can we have a setting to adjust our store location? Sometimes I get offers from UK while I’m living in a country that uses USD


This is very good, hopefully they take a look at this. Something like KFC vouchers, high street vouchers and sporting goods. Some of the vouchers really aren’t that appealing.


In these times of injustice, many people, including myself, would like to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement but aren’t financially capable of doing so. It would be amazing to see Sweatcoin partner with, so that more people can do their part in the pursuit of justice. #BLM!!!


I would assume the sweatcoin team are doing something to support the BlackLivesMatter movement. Can’t be 100% sure though.


Lol let’s work out and then meet up at KFC afterwards :sunglasses::+1:t4: Actually a joke but somewhere I have a photograph of a KFC in Amsterdam that is situated directly below a Gym. With the storefront being full glass it looks amazingly out of place :rofl:


Haha! That would be pretty useful for someone like me :stuck_out_tongue: A workout - then some food to refill :joy:


For the ladies: gift cards from big retailers like Yesstyle, Forever21 or Zara etc
For the geeks: Gift cards from places like JapanHaul, etc
Subscription boxes offers!: , like TokyoTreat, ArtSnacks CrateJoy, etc
Not every offer has to be fitness related , vary more! That’when ppl get excited, and want to work harder !


Maybe a New York trip as one of the expensive ones. That’d be amazing


I like this a lot. This would be good.