Offer suggestions


@Kyle93 Really, Lonsdale!! That brands been cheapened by Sports Direct selling them.
I’ve only one pair of trainers(Skechers) as I prefer shoes or boots


Looooooool. I’m
Joking mate. I wear Nike airmax or Valentino’s.


@Kyle93 I can see you in those Dunlop’s riding the Peloton bike while watching a holiday film and downing a healthy Hale snack :smile:


@DaveUK don’t get jealous of my Dunlop runners
Mate!! Told you would buy you a pair don’t get snide on me! :joy::eyes::eyes:


@Kyle93 you are a true gentleman. With those runners I will be up to 20k coins in no time :smile:


@Seaside71 @Kyle93

I’ll defend ur Lonsdales mate :sunglasses::+1:t4: When I first started doing my impressions of a guy walkin, my feet would swell and shrink like a blood pressure monitor cuff. I couldn’t wear socks and certainly not shoes, trainers or boots. Even in subzero temps I could be found hobbling around the dark streets of Bolton with a pair of Lonsdale pool sandals​:man_facepalming: I’d say i must have looked stupid in pool shoes in snow but when ur trying to walk and spendin 50-60% of the time with a crack full of snow, usin a stick in failed attempt to stay upright, pool shoes are the last item in a long list of other stupid features. That bein said, 20k sort of steps a day was actually quite comfy considering :rofl:


I would love to see more offers that Canadians can do as well, everything I seem to see says US only😞


What about gift cards?