OHMYBEAUTE offer (contact issues)


Has anyone else had a problem contacting or we’re getting tracking numbers from the OHMYBEAUTE Offer? They sent me a text saying that they had received my order, but when I went to contact them, where it says contact us, the email they have does not exist. Seems a little fishy to me. I know $11 isn’t a whole lot of money to most people, but I have Crohn’s disease and can barely pay my bills due to having to pay hospital bills, and not being to work like I used to. I’m kind of frustrated, I’ve tried to contact them a few times.

Also had I known the MONGOOSE offer was so difficult to cancel I would not have claimed it. Now they’re acting like I can’t cancel it until my six months are over. I’m not pleased with their jewelry, it feels like plastic to me and had I known it would been so hard to reach them as well I would never have signed up for it. I don’t have the time nor the money to waste on stupid jewelry that I don’t need. I need to pay my bills, but of course when I emailed them I haven’t heard anything back. I’m starting to think all these offers are bogus


I have the same problems, trying to contact them for more thank 2 weeks and they barely seen my messages, don’t know what to do also spend more than €15 @Ashton @Emma


I totally agree, trying to file a dispute with PayPal right now and trying to explain it it’s like talking to a wall. So I probably won’t see that money again. But I do think sweat coin to take responsibility for stuff like that. And the mongoose subscription. Saying you can cancel it right away but when you try to they won’t let you. It’s ridiculous and I am fed up


Hope that someone of sweatcoin’s staff will answer to us @Ashton @Emma


Hey everyone! We’re reaching out to the brand now to get to the bottom of this.
We’ll keep you posted!


Hello I am the sales manager of Ohmybeauté,
We are really for delay please contact us on our Instagram account for quicker response on @ohmybeaute_com thank you
Best regards


Just talked to them on Instagram and it’s all solved … thank you all for the support and thank u @Ashton


@Ashton thank you so much! I was afraid that I was being misled or ripped off, I’m be extremely cautious about things like that, at the beginning of last year I got scammed out of $1500 and all my account information… And there’s no way I’ll ever get that money back. So I apologize for being rude, I’ve been Having a rough time and was tired and upset, so I do apologize. I worry about anything I purchase on the Internet from any company I’m not familiar with. Thank you so much for your help in resolving this issue. I really do appreciate it.


@Ohmybeaute thank you :pray:t3:


Hi, i not able to contact ohmybeaute. I already dm them on insta but no one reply. I havent get my product status yet.