One Sweatcoiner’s journey to 100,000 steps


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At Sweatcoin, our mission is to help people move more. Our users have achieved many milestones over our three-year journey, however, one milestone has remained elusive — a 100,000 step day. That was until May 6th, 2018, when one of our users — Phatt One, became the first Sweatcoiner to break the 100,000 steps threshold.…


Heh challenge accepted well done @Phatt One


Might have to take up the 100k challenge. Thanks for the inspiration :sunglasses:


It is definitely worth setting 100k Sweatcoin steps as a goal. I’m not going to lie, it is not by any means to be taken lightly as essentially it is near enough the equivalent of trekking the distance of two marathons back-to-back. I have done it myself a few times now as well as pushing my personal best higher and higher. Of course, the key is to set your target as 100,000 verified Sweatcoin steps. I love i know that you don’t actually receive coins above your membership limit but the sense of achievement to know all the steps are verified as Sweatcoin steps is a feeling that can never be bought and cannot be taken away. :sunglasses::+1:t4: