One Sweatcoiner’s journey to 100,000 steps


You are right mate lol


No I don’t think phat has got the most. The most steps a user has done is 84M it was the answer to the last 300 sweatcoins competition would love

So if my maths is correct. This person has around 80-100K sweat coin.

Going by @Phatt.One steps. 24M steps I see he has 31K coins as such. But usually it’s around 3-5/6K higher then that from what I’ve gathered on other bidders on the auctions. As they show they have 13K coins but bid for 15/17K!


@Kyle93 You checked the steps converted to Sweatcoins that showed on my account page. What that page doesn’t show is all the steps after reaching the membership max each day. So, pre-trouble maker, only the first 21k (plus change) got added to the numbers on the account profile. Quite often that will miss out 100k or more on a day.

To be honest, when I was told the total Sweatcoin lifetime total was over 84M I was shocked myself. I always figured there was a group of users in hiding with far greater activity.

The answer was posted on Instagram over the weekend, someone even posted a screenshot of the story here on the forum.


Oh FairPlay mate. Still must have mega amount of coins
Lol. Waiting to see when they bid.


Only 16-17k coins at moment. Don’t forget that I’ve donated a fair few thousand coins to the charity crowdfunding. Its only the past year I’ve actually saved a little too.
The watch app shows the wallet balance now too.


This is crazy!!! Like my average is like 13 sweatcoins a day. I try to keep that up and I thought it was hard especially after school it’s hard.


Don’t forget, Sweatcoin is about promoting and encouraging regular healthy exercise. Maintaining and improving your own health and mobility. Probably one of the reasons that rewards do not continue beyond around 25,000 steps. For many people that’s the equivalent of just under half a marathon and most athletes in training probably don’t even past this figure every day.

When all is said and done, it doesn’t really matter how much exercise anybody else does, they are not you. If it really must be thought of as competitive, your best competitor will always be yourself. After all, only you know what time you have, how much exercise you can do or how much exercise you actually want to do.

We are all completely different people with different motivations, different lifestyles, different occupations, different skills etc. I wouldn’t in good conscience, encourage anybody to pursue the stupid goals that I personally set for myself.

I can’t argue that it’s great to see users extend their daily step counts and it’s awesome to see figures from users reaching higher and higher but not if it’s going to be at any cost of the health. The last thing I would ever want to see is somebody pushing too hard and injuring themselves.


OH LOL mate they didn’t count the unconverted steps
The ones he took after the threshold


First day of hitting 20 sweatcoins, i had to sneak in those extra steps just to get the few remaining sweat cents, a few more steps and my mum would yell at me
I would say it was a game of luck
It was 10 30pm and i have school the following day
I think many users walked extra hard to get there and they are admirable