One Sweatcoiner’s journey to 100,000 steps


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At Sweatcoin, our mission is to help people move more. Our users have achieved many milestones over our three-year journey, however, one milestone has remained elusive — a 100,000 step day. That was until May 6th, 2018, when one of our users — Phatt One, became the first Sweatcoiner to break the 100,000 steps threshold.…

How many Sweatcoins have YOU physically generated yoursef?
Introduce yourself

Heh challenge accepted well done @Phatt One


Might have to take up the 100k challenge. Thanks for the inspiration :sunglasses:


It is definitely worth setting 100k Sweatcoin steps as a goal. I’m not going to lie, it is not by any means to be taken lightly as essentially it is near enough the equivalent of trekking the distance of two marathons back-to-back. I have done it myself a few times now as well as pushing my personal best higher and higher. Of course, the key is to set your target as 100,000 verified Sweatcoin steps. I love i know that you don’t actually receive coins above your membership limit but the sense of achievement to know all the steps are verified as Sweatcoin steps is a feeling that can never be bought and cannot be taken away. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


I have walk a few over 50km mostly when i am oversea but do not have any intention to go anything further. In terms of steps, it is usually slightly over 70k steps. In terms of verified SWC, it might be around 50 SWC but I don’t really care as it has far exceeded the 20 SWC limit.
As a walker, 50km is my personal limit as I need around 13 hours to complete it and I do not intend to sacrifice my sleep to go for any longer distance.

Now at over 50 years old, I just wish to continue my walking for many many years to come.
Still looking for more breakers to add to my listing of friend to motivate each other towards our individual goals !


This is awesome! There seem to be so many users who kick the steps to generate 20SWC and then just stop. To me it just doesn’t make any sense. I remember I had one user on Twitter giving me a goliggle by trying to say that I was being ripped off because the excess steps didn’t get. converted. Sure, reward is a great motivator, but is it really the only motivation to stay active and mobile? Personally, I like to see the converted steps to know for myself that I have physically done the exercise. After so long inactive, I just try to stay active, better myself and keep trying to push my own ‘limits’. For my own satisfaction, not for contest, not just for coins… for me.:sunglasses::+1:t4:


Everyone have their own goal and limit and I respect each individual.
Yes, I can go slightly further but I think around 50km is a fair walking distance to go and any further might not make it as fun or enjoyable. Infact, I was thinking of reducing it to just 42km in line with the marathon distance in a few years times.

I have come a long way from running a marathon to the present state of walking a marathon only and i do not wish to end up crawling just to finish one.
My friends has encourage me to go for 100km hike but i know myself best as with those distance and terrain, I would have to sacrifice my sleep or put much more unneccessary stress onto my legs.

If my walk is just to satisfy/fulfill those 20 SWC or any basic health incentivize scheme, then not of those 50km walk will be necessary at all.


Almost all my 50km walk are recorded in the free Runkeeper app with the latest on 12th Nov 2019. It is not registered with my Samsung app as it does not make it into another highest step personal record.

I also despise those cheaters who resort to illegal means to achieve their steps. For now, I would think GPS tracked outdoor route (WITHOUT any amendment) might be the best proof against cheater. Base on my personal opinion.




at the end of the day mate, anybody cheating on a general Pedometer app is only cheating themselves… where is the fun in that ? :rofl: It has been known for users to spoof the GPS tracking as well although at developers have become wise to this and where earning is involved, activities mainly get disqualified.
To be honest, one of the main reasons I am such a great believer in the Sweatcoin way is the verification algorithm. You know what exercise you are actually doing.(or near enough) rather than finding out how fast your washing machine can spin or how fast your dog runs :rofl:


Loved the story :fire::+1:t3:
But I can’t so far! :joy:


Great interview and great accomplishment. Didn’t realise I’d been chatting to the Sweatcoin champ! Keep up the good work.


@kirshenmans if there is one thing to take away from my experience, it is that there is no such word as “can’t”!


@antinatalist Lol, i’m just a regular guy, I put my shoes on one foot at a time like everyone else :sunglasses::+1:t4:

1👟, 2👟, 3👟



this is my record in the past 3 days. I walked 3 miles an hour for 20 hours before and i like your record.