Only 5 meals provided by crowdsource campaign.. wtf


Sweatcoin is asking for 10 million sweatcoins total. For every 2 million, one meal is provided.


Look how many mangrove trees we will plant…
Pathetic …


You did not read the campaign’s description correctly. It states that “Every 2 million steps Sweatcoiners will contribute as a community, we’ll donate a meal to someone who needs it the most.” This means that Sweatcoin will donate a meal for every 2,000 sweatcoins that are donated, since 1 sweatcoin is worth roughly 1,000 steps, meaning that the company will provide 5,000 meals to children in need, like they said they would do.


I read it thoroughly. Reread and use a calculator.

If every 2 million steps makes a meal, then 10 million steps makes 5 meals total.

For every 1.5 million steps, one tree will be planted in Madagascar, so 12 million steps plants 8 trees total.


I’ve attached these links to show what I’m talking about


Sweatcoin is partnering with these charities. Sweatcoin is not footing the entire operations.


10 Million sweatcoins total, however every 2 million steps we donate a meal. Seedmaster had it right, every 2,000 sweatcoins donated we donate a meal :slight_smile: