Oups! Something's wrong


Sweatcoin App did not convert half of my steps into Sweat Coins and I deleted it and reinstalled it only to see that I’ve lost access to my account.

Specifically, I am asked to provide my username and my mobile number when I try to access my account. Once I type my mobile number, I receive a text with a four digit code. I enter the code in the app and all I see is; “Oups! Something’s wrong. Please check your device has the correct date and time settings and is not using a proxy.” But my device has the correct date and time settings. Also, I tried to reinstall the app and reboot my device a few times, but the issue persists.

I guess, this issue is caused as a result of that Sweatcoin isn’t a decentralised app (Dapp). If it was a Dapp and I had the keys in my hand there would’ve been no prob to access my “wallet”. How am I supposed to trust you, Sweatcoin? Let alone that I can’t access my account now… pfff