Over 25,000 steps (all outside) earned only 5 Sweatcoin


I just hiked over 3 miles all outside and near no buildings. Sweatcoin calculated that I took over 25,000 steps and only converted about 5,000 into Sweatcoin.

I know how they say the algorithm works, but this is blantantly against what they say the app does. What kind of algorithm are they using to rip us off like this? Obviously it’s not even close to accurate and this should bring into question the company’s integrity. Please share similar stories and bring into light this dishonesty.

I know that it’s not an issue with my phone because I earn about 5 sweatcoins daily out of about an average of 10,000 total steps.


@ALangsta Did you hit Force send now? Under the Info button? And check your conversion history. Maybe it didn’t have the time to convert yet.


Yes I did. Again, all 25k+ steps were outside near no buildings.


Mmhh strange. I can’t really help with this.


Same here.

I just went out for a walk and of 4027 steps, all outside, just 505 converted (12.5%), for 0.47 sweatcoins.

I am a relatively new user and I’ve made all the recommended settings changes to battery monitoring and GPS accuracy. I am not impressed.

On my last walk, 2600ish steps, all outside, converted to 644 (24%), so I read the FAQ and made all the changes and this walk was much worse!

Over just 2 short walks, I’ve already been conned out of 3 sweatcoins!

I’m wondering what the point is.

My Garmin managed to track it properly, at least.


Hang on, I just noticed my walk today was 1.5 miles, which was 4000ish steps.

How much “over 3 miles” did you hike?

25 000 steps seems like a lot for 3 miles.

Fir an average stride length, a mile is estimated at around 2000 steps. (It’s more for me because I’m shorter than the overall average).

So 3 miles should have been more like 6000 steps. A conversion of 65% would be 3900 and 3.70 sweatcoins.

25 000 steps would be more like 12.5 miles.

Maybe sweatcoin looked at the GPS data and assessed the step count was too high and adjusted it for the distance the GPS tracked you’d covered?

5.07 sweatcoins at 65% conversion rate would be 8,211 steps

(5.07 coins would be 5.34 before commission. That’s 5337 steps, which is 65% of 8,211 steps).

That seems about right if you covered 3 or 4 miles.

Perhaps the step counter was a bit overenthusiastic but the stepcoin calculation was about right?

Of course, that doesn’t explain my 12.5% conversion. Grrrr.


Having the same issue. Just did a hike up a mountain road, 6000+ steps, only 1203 are being counted. “It should convert 65% of your outdoor steps.” More like 20%… Absurd… And there’s no helpful solutions anywhere on the FAQs or anything else.

And there is no way it can be said that my steps weren’t done outside because I didn’t even turn the on until I was outside and walking down said mountain road!


Hey guys! Please check this article for help with your step conversion https://help.sweatco.in/hc/en-us/sections/360001901131-Step-Conversion If it doesn’t help, feel free to DM me and i’ll help out further :slight_smile:


@Ashton There is no article, if you meant to include a link or whatsoever. Or did you mean this page? :slight_smile:


Haha good catch! Forgot to paste it :smiley: Edited the post including the link now


Same problem. I just hiked sleeping giant mountain in Kauai. Over 10,000 steps. Only converted to . 45 sweat coins. Hiked yesterday. Did around 5,000 steps. Earned close to 4.00 sweat coins. What’s the deal.


@Ashton, I’m sure anyone in this thread has already done there best to ensure setting on their phone are correct. The FAQs for this app are not helpful one bit.

Phone settings should not account for a 20,000 step discrepancy it’s pretty obvious that this algorithm or app is not accurate. Numbers of users are getting only about 20% of what they earn and Sweatcoin reps keep saying “check your phone settings” as if it’s the users fault that their app isn’t working. Please do better and take responsibility.

Step counts are somewhat accurate, but the algorithm and conversion is where we users get screwed. The technology is there, Sweatcoin just doesn’t seem to want to fix bugs because then they will be giving up more value in Sweatcoin to users.

Any response to this, @Sweatcoin ?


I don’t disagree there is a big problem with the app but in response to your issue specifically, I gave you a detailed response which you apparently ignored.

How much “over 3 miles” did you hike?

25 000 steps seems like a lot for 3 miles.

Unless over 3 miles was more like 12 miles, your step count is almost certainly not accurate.


I have the same problem I took a little walk that amount to 6600 steps. I waited to be converted but it didn’t. I went to the history of my steps and it says 0 step for June 9th. I did check everything. I forced steps send and I even took their GPS test they advise on their help page. Isn’t that too much to scam people like that ? And I can’t even prove I did my 6600 steps since it was resetted because it’s over midnight


I had the same problem today. I recorded a walk on my Apple Watch as 2.43 miles. Got 1663 steps against an actual step count of almost 5,000. I can see a perfect path of where I walked has been recorded on my exercise app, so the GPS was working fine.

@Ashton @Sweatcoin if you check my account at around 1pm today would you be able to see why the points I forced at that time were not considered to be valid? You must have logs of this stuff right? Would be good if your app showed a map of where it thinks I have walked or some sort of justification for not including points, even if it is vague.


I have had no problems with conversions. I’m getting 99 percent most of time outdoors. Sometimes a little less. It seems to count a fair amount of indoor steps as well on days when I’m constantly in and out of the house doing chores in my yard.


To further clarify. I use an iPhone 6s Plus and I carry my phone in my front pocket of my pants. My conclusion is that it’s more than GPS. The gyroscope is detecting the motion in my walk. I notice less steps counted when I hold the phone in my hand. Anxious to see what the conversion will be when I get an Apple Watch.


Im having this issue at first i was getting about 85% of my steps which I was happy with now I walked 9000 steps yesterday and 12000 today all outside and it says that none can be converted what the heck. Ive checked all settings nothing’s changed accept the amount sweatcoin is ripping me off! Im on a Samsung note 9


Did they fix ur problem? I’m running into the same thing. Walked my dog 4.3 miles (9,867 steps outside). Only got $5.05 coins. Not accurate at all.


Hey - have you checked out the help article? I sent the link in a previous comment above: Here