Paypal small payment


Until now the only ones we have seen appear occasionally as gift cards
And then there’s the Influencer markeplace
And i do not understand why in order to cash out you must give invitations instead of your own sweatcoins
I understand you must keep inviting people , but why no give the option to cash out using sc OR invitations? Or a sum of both ? Both should be available , some will definitely use their invites which will keep the invitation circle running


Fair point to make. I had the influencers market place before I think it was maybe a glitch? But I did see you can only buy stuff with other invites…


as im not on the influencers marketplace i cant comment, but not seen any gift cards for a while. all steps are valid and earned, so are no different to new joiners via normal communications or invites. by that end the use of our coins should be possible, however we never see any way to use the coins for monetary swap. there is a risk that many people with high SC count will be unable to do anything with them and never reach the 20K cashout, this would then become toxic to the SC mobility model.


IF they removed the marathon offers I was aiming for when I was close to redeeming them I would be pretty suspect myself. A lot of people are aiming for the cash prize because CASH IS KEY. Everyone wants and likes cash.



This is a very fair point, why can’t we cash out in the influencer marketplace with SC too and not just invites?


@fueledbynoodles would you sponsor this pay outs?

Influencer marketplace is made for influencers. And influencer is a person who can “influence” people. Only number of invites tells us that, but given that with every invite we also pay SWC, we take all of this back in exchange for cash. This is pure marketing, which otherwise will be spend on ads or something else.

If you cannot influence people then Influencer marketplace is not for you. Its that simple.


My dude i ain’t talking about that, influencer market is coool , it should stay , i’m saying why do people that have the influencer marketing only can cash out the paypal things with invites and not their own SC? I ain’t influencer yet (bc i’m new) but i have friends who are and find this weird, and they want to be able to use their sc too as well as invites to cash out


I explained all the reasoning behind this decision. If you can invite people, go ahead and redeem with those invites. Thats how it works.


So when I eventually get 30 invites and enter influential market place Will those 30 invites count towards the offers or will I have to gain more invites to purchase the offers. For example £50 PayPal cash out was50 invites would I have to get 20
More or the whole 50?


If you have 30 and price is 50 — you will have to invite 20 more for a total of 50.


what is influencers market place?


It’s a whole new marketplace of offers for influencers.


Im still not understanding the influencers market place, is it different then the offers that are offered to non influencers


i get the influencers market would enable bigger offers and bigger payouts, but it would be cool to trade SC for a smaller amount like giftcards for us mere mortals…