PayPal unfullfilled


6 months now have come and gone. Last effort to try to get my money for 6 invites. Have sent dozens of emails, have posted on this page numerous times too. Get zero help.


have you made sure you put in your paypal address correctly


Yes everything is correct on my end. If I could just talk to a person I wouldn’t be so disappointed in customer service


I believe there is no more PayPal options in rewards exchange for SC :thinking: I’m using SC almost for one years, just some sport and fitness equipment :man_cartwheeling: and other stuff like snacks and weight lose.


This is for invites that I got


You can register and made your online store ( marketplace) p2p


I have no idea what you mean.


Noy sure how to do that new to this


I know right…I don’t think he does either…because it does not pretain to your question…lol


That message was for Tim


Hey Tim I’m experiencing the same issue. No PayPal payment received even thought I sent out 8 invites.

I’ve reached to customer support but no answer from them. Any idea??