Peloton Bike Auction Result


Can anyone see the result of Peloton Bike auction?


Hi @Vakhot, I checked on my app and the Peloton bike auction doesn’t appear at all … must be a temporary bug :woman_shrugging:t2:


Hi @Mariacubucuria, I am the winner, but all info about auction has gone :slight_smile:


Oh I didn’t know, congratulations!! You didn’t receive any emails with details about it?


Thank you. Few minutes ago got the code on email. :slight_smile:


The results are also posted. It was missing for me too, for a little while. Congratulations!!


@Woxof38 Thank you. Have no idea what to do next. :slight_smile:


Go buy your Peloton bike , add your discount code you received before paying and you should have a Peloton bike at 0€ ! Such an exciting moment!



Congratulations very good bike​:+1::slightly_smiling_face::champagne:


@Tom041 Thank you :smile:


Lush they r fab, couldnt justify nuying one


Fellow auction winner here. You just have to be patient for 30 days. They will PayPal you the money if it’s not available


Hi my username is trr545254 add me please!


Yayyyy, good for you! I am glad to know someone actually won it. I just spent 250 sweatcoins for 10 hydration packets and was told on their website the code isn’t valid. What did I do incorrectly?


@DAG777 You need someone from SC support. My code is also not valid. I think code is SC internal use only, not for online shop. :frowning:


@Kyle93 Today I have received bank transfer. I still can’t believe in it… :slight_smile:


How much did you get bro :).


2495 usd in my home currency.


Wow. Nice :). Happy for you.