Please help me it doesn't convert


Hello. What it can be wrong? All settings are good. Example: I go walk and I walk 4000 steps about 4 kilometers in sweatcoin. It shows “you have 4000 steps”. And when I send these steps to get reward for them, after analyzing steps they give me nothing . Why?


I am having the exact same issue! I was originally told that it has to be outside so gps can show you as moving. I literally helped a friend move yesterday and was walking around outside. I had almost 2000 steps and I force converted it this morning and I got 0.00 sweat coins.

Now if I had been inside the whole time, I could understand a low conversion rate, but this is a no conversion rate​:rage::rage:

I would also like to note that I had full bars of service the entire time This is not the first time this has happened and it’s getting old.

My gps works just fine as I use many location service apps during the week. Sweatcoin is literally the only one malfunctioning.

A fix for this would be super nice.


Hey @suliman_salah @TooFar!
Have you tried our tips on step conversion? Find them here: Click Me!
If you still need help, feel free to DM me or email us, at [email protected]
Thanks :slight_smile: