Prefer to walk in summer or winter?


So as millions of us earn sweatcoin on a daily basis and have been earning for many months now I ask this.

Do you prefer walking and earning sweatcoins in the summer (very hot weather) or winter (cold weather)

As much as I like the sun I feel I prefer to walk in the winter because you don’t sweat as much :wink:.
less people about and you feel cool :sunglasses: :rofl:

So what do you prefer walking in the summer or winter let me know below


Walking in the winter is the best for me since I can’t really stand hot weather.
Although the problem is that most phones shut down when it’s negative degrees outside ://


Both except my clothes smell like cat pee :cat2:. Or maybe :thinking::face_with_monocle: I smell like cat pee :cat2:. Ohh I prefer both!! Dedication. I call upon :fire: CHARIZARD :fire: for charity. During the winter for a heater. And :fire:CHARIZARD :fire: for charity during the summer to recharge our flame :fire: grrrrrrrrrrrawwrrrr!! :blush:


Rain, sleet, snow, thunderstorms, blistering heat, humid, dry, frost, ice… No matter what the weather or season… I’m still out on the wander. It takes a lot to stop me from going out to trot.
If I had to state a preference it would be late spring to early summer and at night. At the end of the day, there are clothing items to help deal with most environmental conditions. I remember my first winter out walking each night, I actually made my own USB heated gloves using a power bank to keep them running.


Walking I’ll do in any weather, but when it comes to running the hotter the better. It’s easier to run when it’s cooler out, but I love running in triple digit heat! But it’s a love/hate relationship :joy:


Fall and winter since it less exhausting compared to summer. Outdoor temperatures go above 110 F during the summer for me.:hot_face:


I’m easy really, As long as I’m walking I’m all good.


I don’t really have a choice, considering I live in Wales :joy:
Most of my steps now are done walking to or from college, and usually in the rain.
I’d probably say winter - as it’s colder but the walking warms you up, along with layers of clothes :stuck_out_tongue:
When you go walking in the summer usually it’s way too hot and you get all sweaty - not the best of feelings if you haven’t got the right apparel on :sunglasses: