Private Offers Sneak-Peak!


Hey Sweatcoiners!
We’re testing out a feature in select markets and wanted to show you first :smiley:
Back a couple of years ago, we had a peer-to-peer marketplace function - we’ve decided to revive this and give it a fresh new look!

What do you think? This may be coming out if you like it :wink:
We want to hear your feedback - would you place your offers on this marketplace?


What a wonderful addition! I’ve been here for less than a month now so I have no idea how the peer-to-peer marketplace used to be like (I didn’t know there was one), but I kept wondering why didn’t you guys add such a feature instead of the unofficial discord marketplace. I mean it’s really great that someone volunteered to create and manage that discord but it’s still on a separate app, and unofficial. Now that it will be officially on Sweatcoin I would definitely offer something or at least spend some SWCs there!

One thing that I think it would be really helpful is adding a price chart for SWC (vs USD for instance) based on the tradings if exchanges are allowed of course or if there’s someway to estimate the offers prices in fiat currency maybe. I’m not sure if that is applicable, but if it’s not, at least let those who don’t have the cash-out feature see the price chart so they can set a reasonable price for their offers as sellers or decide whether to accept an offer or not based on its price.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s finally here, and as I said I think I will use it, but first I need my account to function properly again and start converting my steps as I’m not able to get a single SWC for 12 days now :rofl:


Any updates to make all this experience more enjoyable and more alive is welcome.

You need to make it more engaging man. What about other ways of for example cashing out sweatcoins at 1000 coins, 5000 coins etc without the need for invites?



This sounds good and everything but I am still waiting for monopoly to be released in Canada.


Great feature! Looking forward to it.


In essence, I like the idea. It’s a great concept in terms of engagement with the app and emphasising Sweatcoin as a viable currency but it would be interesting to see the Ts & Cs to see where responsibilities would sit when things go wrong and from an income/expenditure standpoint what the implications might be to the users Financial status or if indeed it would have an implication in the long term . I know it’s a bit of a cynical approach but it is often the crunch point in peer-to-peer marketing. People use it to avoid taxes etc. and with online fraud and scamming already being fife it it’s only natural to assume that consideration will be given towards the protection of users as well as the general market.


Ooh another sneak peak. And it will be very interesting to see how this functions on the app :smiley:


That would be great another way to buy and sell sweatcoins