Profiting from Coronavirus


How dare sweetcoin offer hand sanitizer go groupon for that kind of price that’s not cool considering the epedimic situation around Coronavirus??? Fucking not funny


To be completely fair. I understand your frustration and I totally agree it’s kind of a bee sting to those who are on lockdown and those who need essentials but can’t because shops get the shelves emptied in a matter of hours and not restocked for days. Totally agree with you. Also the cost of the sanitizer itself is literally 10x the amount it retails for.


At least if you can’t find Hand Sanitizer at the store (because of people freaking out) You know where you can get some


Pottymouth:joy: he’s just frustrated.


If I’m honest, I was a bit shocked myself to find this particular product. Then I noticed that the vendor is a vendor Sweatcoin have had offers on from before. It’s not like they’re actually cashing in on it. Either that or it is an endless supply, in two days the offer hasn’t run out.

Although in fairness, I also know that the wholesale costs for these products to pharmacies etc. has just skyrocketed too.

Apparently there is an arcade in the UK that has replaced all its prizes with loo roll and hand sanitizer… now that definitely is just wrong.

Funny how the world has suddenly forgotten how to use a sink and a bar of soap and all of a sudden chosen to replace the time-tested solution for sanitary care with a small bottle of chemicals.

I never thought that I would see the day where wiping your ass would become a luxury activity!


My guess is this ad was paid for and scheduled before anyone heard of this Corona virus. Get mad a BP or Exxon.


Thank you for your feedback here…

We are really sorry if anyone took offence by the offer for hand sanitiser in the marketplace a few days back.

We’ve since removed the offer, as it was never our intention to offend anyone whatsoever or make light of the Corona virus.

The vendor is one we’ve used in the past for other products, and it was a sheer coincidence indeed that this item was listed at the time it was. We saw that the prices for the offer seemed a little exessive (though, unfortunately, it seems many companies are raising prices for hand sanitisers/toilet paper etc due to the surge in demand), and removed the item from the marketplace entirely.

We always appreciate feedback, and will pay more attention moving forward – that’s for sure!

Stay healthy everyone and Happy Sweatcoining!


all is forgiven…
this time.


Well least you understood the point that was made. Good girl ;).


Thank you for your reply it’s just a very serious subject at the moment … thanks again