Protein world scam


Purchased offer for 40 sweatcoins, for free metabolizer tablets that come with a subscription that won’t charge you till next month and you can supposedly cancel at anytime. When you go to check out, it still comes up as full price and the terms and conditions right next to the CANCEL ANYTIME note they have in bold says it will continue to try to collect money untill it fails to do so twice. Went on their Instagram and tons of comments saying they were ripped off, package damaged\ never came or was charged and wasn’t supposed to be. Do not purchase from this site, it is a scam and it would be nice to have my sweatcoins refunded if possible.


This is an important topic, the possibility of not so honest companies attempting to use SweatCoin to defraud consumers.

The offer is gone, so I can’t look at it, but when I Googled Protein World I didn’t have to look far to find complaints of all kinds. I was a bit surprised to see a “Fat Burner” as one of the offers, because I’ve yet to see one that wasn’t just BS and snake oil.

@Ashton I’m not really sure who these things should be reported to, so I figured I’d tag you :grimacing:


Hey! So sorry for the frustration caused here. If you can please DM me, i’ll get you a refund ASAP!


Thanks for the reply, but it’s saying I’m unable to private message you


Ah! Those pesky forum limitations :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve started a DM with you, feel free to reply when you’re available :slight_smile: