PS5 Release Week


PS5 can’t wait. If anyone hasn’t ordered in UK where you purchasing from Thursday 19/11?

Sorry for the random clutter so excited :sunglasses::popcorn:


I am a PC guy, so I personally don’t find it that exciting, nor did I order it. But I can see why a lot of people who are using consoles are excited about it.


It looks horrible and so does the new Xbox to be honest. I’m a PlayStation guy but I’m sceptical about purchasing the newest one.


I confess I’m not the biggest gamer in the world… Isn’t the idea to choose a console based on gameplay rather than the aesthetics of the device you put the … er whatever media consoles use these days.

Anyone old enough to remember the Commodore 64? or did I just Spoil a round of “spot the old guy” :man_facepalming:


This is my gaming console. Market leading!


Yes @Phatt.One I remember. I had the ZX Spectrum and loved it.


@DaveUK Thats awesome… waiting for games to load on these things was like being forced to listen to Skrillex



I bought the Atari2600 after the first games I played on old game consoles in the tea gardens, you know, with cartridge cassettes.

Then Sinclair ZX Spectrum had brought an acquaintance of his boss, then Turkey’s conditions were very difficult. I used to play a game called HORACE in Sinclair ZX Specxtrum. PacMan, Jumping Jack etc etc …

Then my first personal gaming device became the Atari 800 XL. Supposedly I was going to study;)

I saw that there is a long loading time and I bought Commodore 64.

Continue loading games with the cassette player. Then apparatuses for loading with Floppy Disk. We had a love affair with Commodore64.

Then I bought the AMIGA 500 legend. Inexplicable, lived.

We continued in love with AMIGAI paid 900 DM (not Euro) to an acquaintance from Germany and brought the AMIGA 1200 model. AMIGA OS. WORKBENCH. I had installed the Hard Disk with the cables and the apparatus to install.

Then I used IBM PC1, MITAC PC etc. in workplaces.

I think I made a radical decision and switched to the Personnel Computer world at the end of the 286s and the beginning of the 386s. I now had a PC at home.

Later, I was always away from the game console, a PS3 gift to my nephew, or now I bought it from temporary consoles, whose name I don’t remember.

But I still haven’t gotten the pleasure I got from the Commodore 64 and AMIGA 500. Then I used to play EMILY HUGHES INTeRNATIONAL SOCCER the most. I didn’t have many kinds of games. Turkey was also expensive. We used to play a game to the bottom. We haven’t bought a PIRATE game and program, but well, here are occasionally.

Ben, çay bahçelerinde eski oyun konsollarında ilk oynadığım oyunlardan sonra Atari2600 almıştım, hani kartuj kasetli.

Sonra Sinclair ZX Spectrum getirmişti bir tanıdığımın patronu , o zaman Türkiye 'de çok zor idi şartlar. Ben Sinclair ZX Specxtrum da HORACE denen bir oyunu oynardım. PacMan , Jumping Jack vs vs…

Sonra ilk kendi kişisel oyun cihazım Atari 800 XL oldu. Güya ders çalılşacaktım :wink: Baktım uzun yükleme süresi var satıp Commodore 64 aldım. Kasetçalar ile oyun yükleme ye devam. Sonra Floppy Disk ile yüklemek için aparatlar. Commodore64 ile bir aşk yaşadık.

Sonra AMIGA 500 efsanesini satın aldım. Anlatılmaz yaşanır. AMIGA ile aşka devam ettik

Almanya 'dan bir tanıdığa 900 DM ( not Euro ) ödeyerek AMIGA 1200 modelini getirttim. AMIGA OS. WORKBENCH. Yüklemek için aparatlarla kablolarla Hard Disk takmıştım.

Ardından IBM PC1 , MITAC PC vs ler işyerlerinde kullandım.

Radikal karar verip Personel Computer dünyasına sanırım 286 ların bitip 386 ların başladığı dönemde geçiş yaptım. Artık evde bir PC sahibiydim.

Daha sonra oyun konsoluna hep uzak kaldım, yeğenime arada PS3 hediye, yada şimdi çok adını modelini hatırlamadığım geçici konsollardan aldım.

Ama hala Commodore 64 ve AMIGA 500 den aldığım hazzı alamadım. O zaman en çöok EMILY HUGHES INTeRNATIONAL SOCCER oynardım. Çok çok fazla oyun çeşidim yoktu. Türkiye de pahalıydı. Alır dibine kadar oynardık bir oyunu. KORSAN oyun ve program almadık değil ama ehh işte arada sırada.


:rofl::+1:t4: @GoGoBaBa I love it, the onlything missing was the Grandstand console that only came with the games that were pre-built into memory. I have forgotten all about the Atari 2600, I must’ve been through 2 or 3 of those when I was a kid… Complete with the dodgy rotary paddle controllers. I believe they tried to do a re-released over the last couple of years, Even retain the original idea of having the wooden look casing to it.
By the time the Amiga 1200 was released I had Lost interest in that gaming side of things I’m switched to looking at what kind of music programs where about. My parents bought me the megalosound sound sampler cartridge.







Hooray for the quickshot joystick… It’s been a while.


That’s unbelievable @Kyle93 :joy:

Wish I had more coins. I’m hopefully getting one tonight :crossed_fingers::sunglasses:


It’s beautiful. Love the design. Hoping I’m lucky tonight :pray:t5:


You know, you won’t be able to walk with it whilst gaming?


Yeah kind of defeats the app objective.


My first introduction to a computer was a BBC B

At college we had some Apples and some PETs

My first personal computer was a Dragon 32

I went on to write software for mainframes - Digital PDPs for the first 13 years, and then a change of company which took me onto IBMs for a further 10 years.


According to a message issued via the PlayStation Turkey’s official Twitter account PS5 8 thousand 299 TL in Turkey will be sold with the price tag.

at around USD $ 1082 at this time

On 12 November, the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea on sale in the PlayStation 5, was released today from 8 thousand Turkish Liras pounds in Turkey.

Games to take place on the platform:

Grand Theft Auto 5 (“expanded and enhanced” - Rockstar) - 2021
Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Insomniac Games) - Holiday 2020
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Insomniac Games) - TBA
Project Athena (Square Enix) - TBA
Stray (Annapurna Interactive) - 2021
Returnal (Housemarque) - TBA
Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Sumo Digital) - TBA
Little Devil Inside - TBA
NBA 2K21 (2K) - Fall 2020
BugSnax (Young Horses) - Holiday 2020
Destruction Allstars (Lucid) - TBA
Gran Turismo 7 (Polyphony Digital) - TBA


:rofl: Must be the app in the wrong…


PS5’s US sales price is $ 500. When calculated from today’s exchange rate, it comes to approximately 3 thousand 800 TL. The 20 percent excise tax on the products in Turkey, 18 percent VAT applied additional 50 percent customs duty.

The competition between game consoles is getting fiercer every day. Largest rival Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation debuted Turkey market with new products.

Series XI while Microsoft’s Xbox sales market in Turkey on November 10, while the PlayStation 5 went on sale on November 19. While the PlayStation 5, which went on sale at the same time with the world, was in serious demand, it was sold out in a short time with the effect of pre-orders.

Sony traffickers with the exhaustion of the first series sent to Turkey to begin sales of the PlayStation 5 to very high prices on the internet, he was hit by a detail of the eye. PS5, which was determined as the recommended sales price of PlayStation 5 as 8 thousand 299 TL, was also sold for 5 thousand 200 TL and 15 thousand TL on the sites. While black marketers have pulled the prices up to 15 thousand TL,


I’m actually really glad I chose to be the idiot to go off on a tangent and take a trip back to old school computing :sunglasses::+1:t4:

You have definitely had an interesting timeline in the computing world. Certainly not just the gaming side. A couple of the systems are around the same age I am. I remember the green-screen BBC’s from school and the awe when seeing 8 research machines computers all in the same room and with colour screens appearing When going into high school. Then of course there was the ultimate gaming experience of “snark” later got renamed as “worm” And then started appearing on Nokia mobile phones as “Snake”. I think that might of been the height of my ability as far as gaming goes.